Understand More About Bitcoin HardFork


For Bitcoin users now, the term Hardfork Bitcoin is no stranger to be heard. What exactly is Bitcoin’s Hardfork? Simply put, Hardfork is defined as a fairly extreme change that must be done on bitcoin cores. In general, Hardfork is done when a node in a Bitcoin network becomes unable to validate a valid new block because there is a difference between nodes that have not updated the Bitcoin core device with nodes that have adopted a new protocol consensus.

This condition occurs when there is a different view between Bitcoin Unlimited with Bitcoin Core. The Bitcoin Core node still recognizes valid valid blocks of less than 1 mb, while Bitcoin Unlimited nodes recognize valid blocks of more than 1 mb. Usually the condition of different views about the new block consensus that is considered valid if it occurs repeatedly then it does not make any difference as Malicious Attacker to the bitcoin consensus. This means that if in one chain (blockchain network) there are two different consensus, then the different views will become permanent.

This will result in a valid valid validation of the new block validation process. While the new blocks of bitcoin in it there are hundreds to thousands of transactions that must be validated first by the miners. The only way to go when it can not lead to a consensus decision-making is through the Hardfork road. On the other hand, Bitcoin Core also tries to retain the main character of the decentralized bitcoin. While Bitcoin Unlimited is trying to meet its needs so that block bitcoin limit can grow larger.

Maybe after that, you will ask, then what will happen next? Most likely if Hardfork Bitcoin occurs there will be a split of bitcoin tissue. On each Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin Core will eventually run on two different networks. If this happens, then the next stage is Bitcoin Unlimited unchanged as the new Altcoin. While Bitcoin Core will remain as usual.

Split or separation between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited will each run on different blockchains. Position, Bitcoin Core will remain at the longest chain block consensus. While Bitcoin Unlimited will be in a new chain different from Bitcoin Core.

Can be concluded that the possibility of hardfork is a series of bitcoin scalability pembedatan that had heated up some time ago. In the bitcoin limit block debate there are indeed some big proposals to increase the size of block block, namely Bitcoin Unlimited and SegWit. Both have the same differences lead to the possibility to do hardfork.

Actually the implementation of SegWit is not safe enough if it must be reached by way of Hardfork. Vice versa with Bitcoin Unlimited. But there is a difference between the two options. When the SegWit feature is enabled, it will be considered


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