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TokenStars – The first platform to tokenize people


As we know that many technological developments bring up the latest technologies which can help more people, one of them is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is also one of the most widely used technology companies to invest their products into one currency with digital access. Therefore, now we have a lot of tokens token in the market. Not only 1 or 2 only, but now it reaches 800 types of tokens spread all over the world.

This phenomenon was apparently targeted by the Blockchain Enthusiast and Developer who called themselves TokenStars, a revolutionary project where they intend to make changes in the field of investment in the field of Sports, especially Tennis

TokenStars sees this as an opportunity not to be missed. TokenStars is a project with an investment concept, where investors can invest donations and sponsors into a digital currency (Cryptocurrency). TokenStars is a new evolution for the world of digital media investments that use smart contracts, TokenStars is able to invest in the Mentocenination of people, more specifically a celebrity, in their careers. TokenStars provides funding resources for new stars in sports and performances as well as fulfilling talent and promotion around the world.

What is TokenStar

TokenStars ​i​s ​t​he ​f​irst ​​blockchain ​​company ​t​o ​t​okenize ​​celebrities. ​I​t ​​aims ​t​o ​​disrupt the ​​huge ​​$25 ​​billion ​t​alent ​​management ​i​ndustry ​​by ​​decentralizing ​i​t ​​and ​​providing funding ​​and ​​promotion ​r​esources ​t​o ​r​ising ​​stars. ​​Starting ​​with ​i​ssuing ​​ACE ​t​okens ​f​or the ​t​ennis ​​vertical, ​t​he ​​company ​​plans ​t​o ​​expand ​i​nto ​​new ​​verticals ​i​n ​​2017, including ​f​ootball ​(​GOAL ​t​okens), ​​poker ​(​CHIP), ​​and ​​cybersports. Young ​(​potential) ​​celebrities ​​need ​f​unding ​​and ​​provide ​​share ​​of ​t​heir ​i​ncome ​i​n return. ​​Already ​​successful ​​professionals ​​need ​​more ​​advertising ​​contracts ​i​n ​r​eturn for ​​agency ​​commission.

What is ACE Token

The ACE tokens are software with cryptographic elements that are sold out as a utility appliance for the ACE
platform. The ACE tokens are based on the Ethereum protocol and conform to the widely-used ERC20 standard.
The ACE tokens have their functional utility only within the ACE platform and their creation is conditioned by the
need to develop an internal economy in the ACE ecosystem that will establish transparent and fair relations among
the ACE community.

The ACE tokens are intended to be used by their holders only for its designated purposes. Number of such purposes
may be increased over time, including, but not limited to, by means of adding new services and features available
in exchange for the ACE tokens.
The ACE tokens are intended for experts in dealing with cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software

How does TokenStars make money?

TokenStars’ ​​business ​​model ​i​s ​​based ​​on ​t​he ​traditional ​t​alent ​​management ​​agency (TMA) ​​model. ​​We ​r​eceive ​​a ​​20-30% ​​commission ​f​rom ​t​he ​​players’ ​​sponsorship contracts. ​​This ​revenue ​​will ​​be ​​converted ​i​nto ​t​okens. This ​​business ​​model ​i​s ​​already ​​working. ​​We ​​have ​​signed ​t​he ​f​irst ​​player ​(​Veronika Kudermetova). ​​She ​​was ​i​ntroduced ​​by ​​a ​​scout. ​​And ​t​he ​f​irst ​​promoter ​(​JAMI ​​agency) is ​​close ​to ​​signing ​t​he ​f​irst ​​advertising ​​contract ​​of ​​$82K, ​f​orming ​t​he ​r​evenue ​​stream for ​t​he ​​agency. ​​Stay ​t​uned.

We will continuously attract thousands of fans to TokenStars platform, who will buy tokens in the market to obtain the product value of ACE token, that brings exclusive opportunities:

  • Meet and play with a star
  • Receive tickets to events
  • Videochat with celebrities
  • Chat via messengers
  • Get exclusive offers from celebrities (books, posters)


What’s the fundamental value of ACE token?

As the ​TokenStars ​​project ​​grows, ​t​he ​​number ​​of ​​sponsorship ​​contracts ​​signed ​​by the ​​players ​​will increase. ​​As ​​a ​r​esult, ​t​he ​​TokenStars’ agency commission ​​will ​​grow. ​​Sponsors have to pay agency commission only in ACE tokens, which will be bought in the market. The higher the revenue – the more tokens are supposed to be bought. This ​​should ​​positively ​i​mpact ​t​he ​i​nternal ​​economy. ​​However, ​​bear ​i​n ​​mind ​t​hat markets ​​are ​​unpredictable.


Who will buy your tokens?

We ​​are ​f​ocused ​​on ​t​hree ​​audiences:
1. Traditional ​​blockchain ​​audience.
2. Institutional ​i​nvestors, ​f​unds ​​and ​f​amily ​​offices ​(​as ​​company ​​management comes ​f​rom ​t​he ​f​inancial ​i​ndustry).
3. Sport ​f​ans ​(​brough ​​via ​​multiple ​​sports ​​media ​​partnerships, ​i​ncluding Manchester ​​United ​f​ans ​​community).


When ​​will ​​the ​​tokens ​​start ​​trading ​​on ​​crypto ​​exchanges? Which ​​crypto​​exchanges ​​will ​​be​​ chosen?

We ​​plan ​t​o ​l​ist ​t​he ​​ACE ​t​oken ​​on ​​Bittrex, ​​Bitfinex ​​and\or ​​Poloniex ​​and ​​several ​​other exchanges. ​​This ​​procedure ​​usually ​t​akes ​f​our ​​weeks ​​after ​t​he ​t​oken ​i​ssue ​​date, which ​i​s ​​scheduled ​​at ​t​he ​​end ​​of ​​October ​(​or ​​sooner, ​i​f ​t​he ​t​oken ​i​ssue ​​cap ​i​s reached). ​​Every ​​month ​t​he ​t​eam ​​will ​​make ​​public ​r​eports ​​with ​​Key ​​Performance Indicators ​(​new ​​players ​​signed, ​r​evenue, ​​audience ​​numbers ​​etc.).

Token Sale Overview

Target token sale amount : $7,500,000
Max number of sold tokens (Сap): 99,000,000
Max number of created tokens (Сap): 165,000,000
Token price at Token Sale: 0,0001 BTC
Payment methods: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
Sales start date: September 10, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT
Sales end date: October 31, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT
Minimum purchase volume per sale: 100 ACE tokens
Maximum purchase volume per sale: No cap
Initial Token Distribution Date: November 7, 2017, 12:00PM PDT



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