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How to Help ICOs Go Legit

Much is being written these days about the need to regulate initial coin offerings (ICOs) and – to the extent possible – access to cryptocurrencies. With close to $350 billion in (theoretical) market value, cryptocurrencies have started to hit the mainstream, and it is becoming urgent to find a suitable, enforceable regulatory framework that protects investors and […]


Philippines SEC Plans to Regulate Cryptocurrencies, ICOs

The Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission said on Monday it is crafting rules to regulate cryptocurrency transactions to protect investors and reduce the risk of fraud. The regulation, which will cover issuance and registration of cryptocurrencies, is expected to be finalized this year, said Emilio Aquino, SEC commissioner in charge of enforcement and investor protection, […]


Demystifying Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and ICOs

Introduction Bitcoin, blockchain, initial coin offerings, ether, exchanges. As you’ve no doubt noticed, cryptocurrencies (and their corresponding jargon) have caused quite the uproar in the media, online forums, and perhaps even in your dinnertime conversations. Despite the buzz, the meanings of these terms still elude many people’s comprehension. Perhaps we could put it as simply […]

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Sand Coin – The World’s First Electronic Option for High-Quality Sand

The Moscow region is one of the most ineffective areas in terms of transport infrastructure and logistics. Millions of people are constantly confronted with crowded highways, which adversely affect the development of businesses and ecological situations. There are currently several new planned and ongoing infrastructure and transportation projects in Moscow, which include: 1.  Central Ring […]