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FinanceX – The next generation exchange

Whoever thought that one day we’d be buying and selling invisible currency on a thing such as a cryptocurrency exchange? Nobody, I can guarantee you that. Well, perhaps maybe the inventor of Bitcoin, whoever they are. Regardless, the rapid development of crypto coins and extraordinary prices surges has drawn a lot of attention. From financial […]


Japanese Crypto Exchange Falls Victim To $60M Hack, BTC, BCH, MONA Stolen

$60M Disappears From A Crypto Exchange Wallet Japan’s Zaif crypto exchange and its parent company, Tech Bureau Inc, revealed via a post-mortem press release that it fell victim to a security breach on Wednesday, despite the fact that the apparent hack occurred on Friday, September 14th. In the aforementioned release, the crypto exchange highlighted the unfortunate event, outlining […]


Swiss Exchange Opens Crypto Trading Infrastructure

SIX, the owner and operator of Switzerland’s stock exchange, announced plans Friday to launch a new fully regulated exchange to support the trading of digital assets, solidifying the country’s position as a “crypto nation.” The SIX digital exchange will offer infrastructure for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, as well as other digital coins and tokens issued in initial […]