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LocalCoinSwap – The only exchange that distributes 100% of profits back to token holders

Now cryptocurrency is quite popular in the virtual world. Since the cryptocurrency system was introduced in the world, digital currency investment is a hot topic to discuss. The reason why cryptocurrency is interesting is the decentralized system of cryptocurrency, unlike most centralized currencies. In a decentralized system, there is a way that can be relied […]

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Coinlancer – The Revolution in the Freelancer Industry Makes the World Unite

As is known, Blockchain technology is a popular technology applied in a digital currency ecosystem or better known as the virtual currency. Where Blockchain technology is believed to be the most secure, transparent, fast and efficient technology today to transact across countries. Moreover, Blockchain network is able to provide a broader transaction but relatively inexpensive […]


Demystifying Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and ICOs

Introduction Bitcoin, blockchain, initial coin offerings, ether, exchanges. As you’ve no doubt noticed, cryptocurrencies (and their corresponding jargon) have caused quite the uproar in the media, online forums, and perhaps even in your dinnertime conversations. Despite the buzz, the meanings of these terms still elude many people’s comprehension. Perhaps we could put it as simply […]

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Sand Coin – The World’s First Electronic Option for High-Quality Sand

The Moscow region is one of the most ineffective areas in terms of transport infrastructure and logistics. Millions of people are constantly confronted with crowded highways, which adversely affect the development of businesses and ecological situations. There are currently several new planned and ongoing infrastructure and transportation projects in Moscow, which include: 1.  Central Ring […]