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Ubex – Artificial Intelligence to Advertising Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts

If we talk about Blockchain, most of us will probably think about finances, cryptocurrency, and digital ledgers. However, beyond that, there are many things that have not realized that Blockchain has tremendous power to solve problems in other sectors. As recently discovered that Blockchain-based protocols can change the world of digital advertising, for example how […]

Press Release

IDM Platform – Complete Protection from Quantum Supremacy

Blockchain, a familiar technology. Similarly for digital currency, Bitcoin. We all have agreed already to know, that Blockchain technology that supports this digital currency. Where this technology is a relatively new way to secure transactions with a decentralized system. This technology is a kind of digital record in using cryptography to secure transactions. Because transactions […]


EOS Mainnet Freezes Barely Two Days After Launch

Reports have emerged that activities on the EOS blockchain have come to a standstill with frozen transactions network wide. This development is the latest in a growing list of technical issues that have affected the EOS blockchain. In a related event, ICON, another blockchain project also encountered a bug, this time in its smart contract […]



Proof of existence The Blockchain has a wide range of utilities and additional uses. In fact, the disruptive potential of this technology is so great that it is bound to change the way how we keep record of things and many more. It can be applied to virtually everything. One of these uses is the chance to […]