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Student Coin – To empower students through both financial and non-financial values


Blockchain and cryptocurrency are increasingly developing and expanding into all aspects of life. Not only for business people or investors, but prospective future leaders, namely students. Equally, currently there is no real relationship between students and businesses. Discounts offered to students are currently generic and have no further impact beyond the point of transaction. Typically, businesses offer blanket discounts that are relevant for some, although not for most. These discounts are used to entice students to buy in to their brand, ultimately taking away the little purchasing power students have. At this stage of a student’s life, much of their income is being spent on day to day expenditure such as food shopping and university supplies.

For many students, this is the first time they have had to manage their own money and live independently. This can be daunting for many people. Businesses currently adopt the approach of looking like they help students when in fact the outcome is they cause students to over spend on items that they don’t need. Now being a modern student means handing over tens of thousands of pounds just to be allowed to study at a university, whilst borrowing tens of thousands of pounds just to be able to live whilst studying at university. As the cost of studying as a student you would assume that the power of the student has increased, but in recent years students have lost their power and ultimately lost their voice.

Students have a huge amount of influence. If all the students in the UK disagreed with a decision, they could all act and create change, but being a decentralised group there is nothing holding students together as a group, resulting in little to no action on the student side. That’s why Student Coin was present To build a student focused platform to allow for the transaction of financial and non-financial values, growing to become the world’s leading student currency. So, join Student Coin now!

What is Student Coin?

Student Coin is a payment system, powered by Seratio, delivering automatic discounts for students whilst applying non-financial values to our everyday transactions. To bring investment opportunities to students, no longer are they the exclusive opportunity for the few. Student Coin is here to serve the students before, during and after their time at university.  As a company we view students as the future of our country and being able to get them started in the world one step ahead will make the whole university experience worthwhile. We believe that building strong relationships is a vital activity in the modern world and why do businesses fail to do so with students? At Student Coin we are there for students. At the start of university year we will provide the platform for students to learn, experience and grow as an individual and get them prepared for graduation and to continue to support them after graduation.

The Student Coin platform is the link between the world of students, the world of business and a world of possibilities for students. Student Coin is the catalyst for change. As a scattered group, students do not have the power to influence the government, as existing institutions do not sit on the side of students. As one group, students can create incredible change. Student Coin will be that platform which allows students to step up, unite as one group and make the rest of the world listen to us. Whilst we do this we also ensure that a student’s time at university is to focus on the learning and not on worrying about finances and how they are going to pay that next bill.

2 dAPP Design and User Experience

The Student Coin dAPP is being developed for use with both Android and IOS. It will be optimised for use with mobile phones with a web interface also being developed for users who prefer to use a PC. The user interface on both mobile and web versions will be easy to navigate with clear buttons, simplified menus and a neutral colour which will be easy to read in different situations. The application will open to a home page also known as the “Hub” containing the shortcuts to each part of the app to make sure that the user is able to see the important notifications without having to go looking for them. From the Hub the user will be able to access the main menu which will contain all aspects of the platform, ranging from the features, settings, news, notifications and social

Development of a mobile student dAPP (decentralized APP) that has a multiplicity of functions including but not limited to:
• Student voting representing a decentralized community
• Digital wallet with smart contract control and spending rules
• Integrated profiled retail discounting, loyalty, sponsorship and incentives
• Cryptocurrency investment to pay off student fees and loans
• Student networking and usual commercial services
• AI U-Bot to guide, help, advise and crisis manage 24/7
• Micro-loans available instantly based on social media
• An educational digital passport for employers and others

Why Student Coin?

At Student Coin we strive to make investment opportunities available for all students, making exclusive investments a thing of the past. Imagine being able to pay off your student loan in three years, this is the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This is a great opportunity to get involved with a new cryptocurrency, whether you want to invest or just show your support, you don’t have to be a millionaire to invest.

1. Financial Profiles

This financial button will allow Student Coin to build a profile based on spending habits, investment styles and general management of money. Although optional, a profile will allow Student Coin users access to micro loans, offers and to more easily manage their finances. The student’s financial profile will analyse their financial behaviour to ensure stability, something that can plague the student long after graduation. This profile will also allow them to manage their student loan repayments, ensure that they are not over paying. Using this financial profile will educate students in managing money, to allow them to step into the world after university with confidence in themselves that they can manage their finances and allowing them to progress in the world without having to worry about repayments and bills.

2. Discount Centre

The discount centre is the part of the dAPP where the users will be able to see all their active discounts. In essence this means that discounts will automatically apply ensuring that they get the best offer. The payment process would be completed using their phone including using NFC technology much like Apple and Android pay. This eliminates the need for a separate card or having to sign up to receive these discounts. The money they save can either be sent straight to their wallet or they can choose to put it into an investment scheme allowing them to save money. This result means that the initial discount has so much more of an effect. Not only does it save the user money upfront but allows them to then do something useful with the money they saved.

3. Micro Loans

The Micro Loan is not intended to pay rent or bills but be there when a student needs money quickly but does not want to go to a loan company and pay back high interest rates with the risk of effecting their credit score. The repayment terms would be fair, and quick repayment would increase your financial profile. Student Coin would not promote the Micro Loan element as it is not a loans company, but the feature is there to take the pressure off students when managing finances. Keeping it in house allows Student Coin as a company to better assist and educate students in financial management. Student Coin would be open to joint venturing with peer-to-peer
micropayment lending platforms.

4 Investment Schemes

The investment schemes would offer users access to a fully managed investment portfolio, allowing them to be involved in investing but without the need to spend several hours a day setting up trades. The nature of the investments would be medium to long term, allowing the user to benefit from long term investments whilst being flexible in the packages they pick; for example Student Coin can offer anything ranging from six months to 5 years.

5. Student Voice

The student zone will be all about getting people’s opinions and concerns heard. This is done to a certain degree on a university by university basis by their university student union. But even on this local level the concerns and demands of these students to not go very far and in most cases do not result in any action being taken. What the student zone will do will be to take all of these and use the collective power of all students to go out and create real change.

6. Student Network

This feature will allow students to not only connect with key members in the student market, but with other student run societies and clubs giving these societies much more of a reach and an impact which is no longer limited to one university. If students want to setup and run a society then why should it be limited to one university, being able to link together these will allow students to have more of a choice and to further increase their reach. It can be used for both academic and social events, ranging from academic lectures, investment events and student only festivals. This tool can also be used from the perspective of a business.

6. My Career

The Student Coin dAPP can be the new “CV”. There is no longer a need to send off for job applications, as a student progresses throughout university. They can keep adding to their profile, linking into extra curriculum activities and university grades. The recording of both tangible certificated academic achievements and intangible ‘soft’ achievements (eg volunteering) is the subject of Seratio Whitepaper 5.0 “Educational Passport: Distributed Learning Ledger”, and will be implemented in the Student Coin dAPP, as with the EduCoin and marketplace offering from CCEG’s

7. Crisis Guidance

With the lowering of grades to accommodate more students into the university system, an increasing number of students are attending unprepared for the challenge. The reported degree of mental health interventions at universities have increased significantly but away from home, often for the first time, leaves the student isolated and vulnerable. Our response is to use the Seratio UBot system, an AI (artificial intelligent) mobile based bot that is available 24/7 to assist you and help you through crises and management of stress. This will be blended with 24/7 physically manned hotline for emergency use

Student Coin ICO

Student Coin Limited is a company registered in the United Kingdom under number 11003810 and has its registered office at 41 Millbrook Road, Crowborough, United Kingdom, TN6 2SB. Student Coin has contracted Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) to manage their Initial Coin Offering including the Pre-ICO and this initial Private Placement Investment.

For the Private Placement in Student Coin for each GBP£1.00 invested – Investors will receive:
1 Student Coin – Seratio (SER) based token and
1 Student Coin Microshare.
The SER token is a tradeable Ethereum ERC20 standard digital currency – which has already been taken through Initial Coin Offering which was 100% successful.

The Student Coin will be deposited in a newly created personal digital SER Wallet for the investor within specified time of receipt of cleared funds. The token will then be fully tradable or exchangeable by the investor. The Student Coin Microshare is a non-financial token with Student Coin attributes. Student Coin Microshares (SMCR) is a cryptocurrency hosted on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. Student Coin Microshares are tradeable and will be deposited to the investor’s SER wallet.

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