The Strategy of Market Crypto


Marketing Strategy is a thought and planning to communicate and redeem a valuable offer for customers, partners, and the general public. It is very important to build a trustworthy presence and aim to adopt a wider market and introduce in new market segments. In relation to the crypto currents that many people are talking about today, we need to know the effective ways to do market crypto to the public in order to earn a big profit.

Before knowing about market crypto, it is important for you to learn about cryptocurrency. Like Bitcoin and Ethereal. But if you are only interested in using it as a marketing and investment tool, then you have enough basic knowledge of business, consumer demand, and economic law. Most current marketers are people who already use cryptocurrency and understand technology issues rather than the business world or the marketplace. Because they are more focused on the crypto community and technological innovations that make this coin-coin more famous.

If you want to do market crypto you should buy Bitcoin first than any other cryptocurrency. With some Bitcoin, you can easily exchange it into another digital currency whenever you want through markets that serve Bitcoin’s sale with alternate coins (digital currencies other than Bitcoin). You need to remember that you do not need to buy Bitcoin in full (because the price is quite expensive, 1 Bitcoin is already worth $ 390 at the time this article is written). You just buy some parts of it, otherwise known as Satoshi. For example, 500 thousand Satoshi is equal to 0.005 Bitcoin (in other words, to buy 500ribu Satoshi, you only cost less than $ 2). One of the safest places to buy Bitcoin with USD is through, but there are many other places you can choose to buy Bitcoin at a cheaper price or in accordance with your country’s currency.

There are many markets that provide a place to buy and buy cryptocurrency. But the most reliable market crypto today is Surely there are many other good markets, and some are bad ones. Some even went bankrupt, like Mt. Gox. Many people are reluctant to have cryptocurrency because of the bad news that affects these markets as suddenly bankrupt exchange cases, or coin-coin customers who are stolen and lost somewhere.

Word of mouth marketing is the best marketing strategy. While efficient marketing strategies pioneered by companies or communities behind the technology can help educate and convince new users, word of mouth marketing can distinguish between artificial sensations and actual solid technology. According to Rijk Plasman, founder of digital currency based in the Netherlands Gulden, the most effective marketing is the direct experience of satisfied customers. Another strategy we can do is to identify, buy, hold and collect coins that will lead the market within 3-5 years (Level 1), then invest in another coin that is potentially here, then another trade coin to earn margins to collect more 1st level coins. And the last strategy is to consider short-term investments in fast-moving projects.

In researching a market, usually, marketers will refer to fundamental analysis. If you can find the right information in the appropriate time and understand exactly how the information is related to the market, it will be easier for you to predict the market trends especially to read whether the coin will rise or fall. In addition to fundamental analysis, you can also use technical analysis. Technical analysis is just as important, but it focuses more on how to read the graph and find the special patterns in it, for example, when the price reaches a certain point, the coin will decrease in price.



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