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SETHER – Social Nework Integration For Smart Contract Developers


Blockchain is an innovation in registration and distribution of information. Blockchain is perfect for recording static data (registry) or dynamic data (transactions), making it an evolution in the track record system.

Prior to Blockchain, all transactions were recorded in an accounting ledger and finally as entries in a spreadsheet or database stored in a computer system. This can be risky because it is not always safe. Data can be outdated, tampered with or deleted. Digital distributed ledgers are able to solve this problem. Instead of storing data on a server or database, there are blocks on multiple computers and networks in different locations. If there is a change in the chain, it will immediately appear simultaneously in each copy.

The emergence of Blockchain technology has been recognized to facilitate the bookkeeping system in various sectors. Not only that, more interesting again Blockchain was able to reduce the usual operational costs incurred by the company to store their data safely. With the advantages of Blockchain So Sether opens up the blockchain to marketers everywhere, using a previously unavailable tool – Smart Contracts. They bring transparency, thus trustworthiness, but are isolated from social networks. Sether brings social networks data, intelligently analyzed, into the smart contracts.

What is SETHER ?

Sether opens up the blockchain to marketers everywhere, using a previously unavailable tool – Smart Contracts. They bring transparency, thus trustworthiness, but are isolated from social networks. Sether brings social networks data, intelligently analyzed, into the smart contracts. Integrating smart contracts into your marketing strategy offers your business an amazingly efficient and transparent crowd-powered advertising engine, providing your clients with a new way to interact with your brand, while cutting supervising and monitoring costs at the same time.

SETHER use big data analytics, artificial intelligence and behavioural science to understand every individual within your audience, enabling you to connect with them on a personal level. We understand group behaviors through community voices, enabling you to take holistic decisions.

What Businesses Can Do With SETHER ?​


Give discounts and promotional offers to specific customers if they promote your product on social channels. For example, if they tweeted about the last 5 items bought from your company, they automatically get a 15% discount on their next purchase. Using a smart contract.


Promote your products and services to reach your best customers in the way to which they are most likely to respond. Use Sether to know who should be targeted, how the messages should be constructed, and get the right message to the right person.



Set clear terms with your promoters, enforcing targets and deadlines with a smart contract. Monitor, pay or give bonuses based on their social activity, reach, and public reaction, without actually getting involved.  For example, you hired an influencer to promote your product and you need at least 1000 Facebook likes and 500 retweets by the end of your campaign. Pay him 0,1 ETH when you get 50%, and pay the rest if you get 100% by the deadline. Automatically, while you do something else.


We use predictive analytics to profile customer on psychological traits implicitly captured in behavioral data, or explicitly probed with quantitative research. From these profiles we provide audience segmentations to create targetable groups of similar individuals. By identifying population segments highly likely to respond to your brand, grouped by behavioral similarities, you can reach your most persuadable customers and prospects with the most persuasive tactics and campaigns.


Use Sether to offer direct promotional discounts based on your followers social activity. For example, one of your Facebook followers posts about a new phone that he likes. Offer him a 30% discount on that phone if he buys it from your site, in the next 5 days. Automatically, using a smart contract, to prove the offer and discount are real.

There is no way to make sure that both sides of a referral program, the client and the promoter, keep their promises. Using a smart contract, you could automatically pay a promoter 0,1 ETH only if they make a minimum of 40 posts, with a minimum of 70 characters. Both sides are happy.


Enhance your current business and build new services and applications that engage your users on social networks through gamification, based on their behaviour. Ask them to carry out specific actions: post keywords, links, pictures or videos, give reviews, post comments, like specific targets, retweet messages. Use Sether to validate their actions, give rewards or take business decisions. Both for blockchain and off-blockchain applications.

Use Sether inside your smart contracts or off-blockchain applications to integrate with social network APIs. Post messages automatically, react when certain keywords appear on you social channels, find influencers, see what is the general sentiment about your company, brand or products and more. Don’t hassle with all the technical differences between different social network platforms. Leave that to us.


Soft Cap: None
Hard Cap: 165,000 ETH
Up to 100,000,000 SETH tokens minted
1 SETH = 0.003 ETH

55% will be used for Research and Development
10% will be used for Partner Enablement
20% will be used for Marketing & Business Development
10% will be used for Running and Administrative costs
5% will be used for Legal & Regulations

Wide Reach and ​The Best Safety Measures

The production version will support:

  • main blockchains and testnets

  • off-blockchain applications

  • all well-known networks: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,  Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest and VKontakte.

We are GDPR compliant! SETHER uses Intel’s latest innovations in hardware security to protect confidential code and data from disclosure or alteration. The technology is known as Intel SGX (Software Guard eXtensions).


ICO Date: December 4th 2017 – January 14th 2018
Symbol: SETH
Technology: Ethereum
Total token supply: 100 million
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH
Price: 1 SETH = 0.003 ETH


Bitcointalk link : Pixmartz


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