Russia Ready Installation 100 ATM Bitcoin


Discussing the digital currency is Bitcoin is never ending. Starting from eastern to western countries. In Russia, Bitcoin’s growth is increasing rapidly. In fact, within a few days hundreds of cryptocurrency ATMs will be installed in Moscow.

The decision was initially triggered by the operation of Bitcoin ATM in St. Petersburg, Russia. This ATM allows its users to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcash at a cost of only 4 percent. Now, these 100 ATMs are on their way to Moscow and are already scheduled to be installed by the end of the year.

Pavel Panov, as co-owner of InvestCoin24, one of the companies that overshadowed the installation of ATM Bitcoin said the company wants to install ATMs to the entire city. He said his company is in talks with Airport owners to get an ATM room installed in the departure and arrival time. Provide cryptocurrency access to the community when entering and leaving town.

InvestCoin24 semoat installs an ATM machine at a Vintage 77 restaurant in Moscow to test its reliability. Once successfully executed, the company decides to widen its wings by operating into large cities.

Currently, the company is trying to test and trial each machine to ensure function fulfillment. Panov said the test would end in late October.

In addition, in June, Valenok restaurant in Moscow began to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. The restaurant also expressed interest in installing one of InvestCoin24’s ATMs, if there is sufficient demand from customers.

InvestCoin24 wants ATM services in Moscow to run safely, and for now they are still waiting for the official government regulation regarding cryptocurrency.


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