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Since the cryptocurrency system was introduced in the world, cryptocurrency is increasingly popular. Cryptocurrency projects and investments are a hot topic to discuss. The reason why cryptocurrency is attractive is its decentralized system, unlike most centralized currencies. Cryptocurrency is also popular with its fast and global transactional characteristics where transactions occur instantly and safely because this system is equipped with public cryptographic security and every individual involved in it is free to use it and use the latest Blockchain technology. Some ICOs are working hard and trying to develop innovative projects that can revolutionize the financial industry and some of them have managed to submit realistic proposals about what the future of the economy looks like. One of them is INGOT COIN ICO which offers the first fully integrated blockchain-based Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Accelerator; INGOT coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which provides benefits within the ecosystem itself, so don’t miss this chance.


INGOT Coin is the first fully integrated blockchain-based Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Accelerator; all rolled into a holistic ecosystem which rewards token holders and cryptocurrency market participants for using it and contributing to it, in addition to granting them the opportunity to invest in a wide- ranging list of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, as well as other financial assets and instruments. INGOT coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which provides benefits and discounts within the ecosystem itself. IC will be based on ERC20 technology.

IC will change how the financial and trading industries are viewed by establishing innovative ways to link the crypto market with the current traditional financial industry. The global widespread adoption of the blockchain technology that we are seeing in the world is revolutionizing many industries, especially the financial industry.

The IC Ecosystem will be based on the blockchain technology and will utilize Smart Contracts to facilitate the execution of different contracts, while eradicating the need for intermediaries and external interferences that restrict investors from fully engaging in all markets. By adopting blockchain, we are creating a specialized ecosystem that will substantially increase customers’ confidence, market liquidity and -most importantly- provide efficient market pricing and access to funds for all variety of stakeholders. The IC Ecosystem will transform trades, settlements and payments and make them instant, bringing together different necessary components and cutting out third party intermediaries who usually delay the process and increase associated costs.

Moreover, blockchain will wipe out the need for clearing houses as all data ledgering will be decentralized and transparent to all market participant, opposite to the current centralized market. The blockchain will increase security for investors by using smart contracts. These contracts will be used on the various tradable instruments in the Ecosystem to ensure faster transactions with lower costs.

INGOT Coin will create a complete solution by integrating 6 core ecosystem components and providing a one-stop-shop for the digital asset, traditional asset and currency markets to solve all the above-mentioned challenges, thus, creating a link between the crypto market and the traditional market. The IC Ecosystem will establish 6 different components to work hand in hand under one umbrella, providing all community members the chance to capitalize on upcoming opportunities in all markets. The Ecosystem’s components, as shown below, are the IC Wallet, IC Exchange, IC Brokerage, IC Digital Bank, IC Certifier and IC ICO Accelerator.

IC Ecosystem

  • The IC Wallet

IC Wallet will be a blockchain based crypto wallet dedicated to working as a custodial for all cryptocurrencies in the Ecosystem. Participants will be able to use the wallet to send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies available in the market with ease and security. The wallets will contain multi signature and cold storage systems to create a secure and reliable environment for all stakeholders. The wallet allows for transfer of tokens from and to the exchange and other wallets. Furthermore, the wallet will be integrated with the IC Digital Bank, allowing users to pay with fiat and settle with crypto and vice versa.

  • IC Exchange

IC Exchange will be integrated securely with the IC Wallet, IC Brokerage and IC Digital Bank through a user-friendly platform, a full fledge cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange will be listing major coins and newly issued ICOs to provide a complete diversified coin spectrum for market participants. The coins will be listed against other cryptos, fiat currencies and traditional financial instruments such as ETFs, and commodities.

  • IC Brokerage

IC Brokerage will create a hub of liquidity, efficient market pricing and access to all financial products, ranging from fiat currencies to international equities and from commodities (Agriculture, metals and energies) to ETFs. The IC Brokerage’s integration with the IC Exchange and the IC Wallet, further provides the investors with hundreds of options to trade in times of any market uncertainty. Through the Brokerage, users will be able to actively hedge and expand their investments portfolios. The Brokerage will allow instant trading on crypto/stock or crypto/commodity like (BTC/APPL, BTC/GOLD, etc.)

  •  IC Digital Bank

IC Digital Bank will provide 24/7 automated payment processing with high-level web-based custodial services. The IC Digital Bank will also facilitate the IC Brokerage and IC Exchange duties, along with providing day-to-day online services such as e-payments. Furthermore, clients are able to open different bank accounts ranging from current and saving, to brokerage accounts. The IC Digital Bank will also provide fund management for all interested stakeholders and support their trading activities by providing unmatched settlement and remittance speed at the lowest fees.

  •  IC Certifier

IC Crypto Certifier will aim to build awareness and educate all interested parties on the blockchain technology, through its up-to-date, powerful and diversified educational services. This will include a variety of certified courses on IT consulting, compliance, cryptography, regulatory and financial consulting. Successful graduates will receive an industry-leading and globally distinguished certificate with the different standards agreed upon between industry leading masterminds.

  • IC ICO Accelerator

IC ICO Accelerator will aim to unlock funding for all innovative projects by paving the way for creative visions and new ideas. The IC ICO Accelerator is a “one stop shop” in the sense that it will guide entrepreneurs and startups raise funds by providing them with essential services, ranging from marketing strategies, PR services, Whitepaper content creation, to legal services and blockchain technology development. Finally, IC ICO Accelerator will guide participating ICOs to list their tokens on the IC exchange on a much more reasonable price and conditions.

Why Should Choose INGOT COIN?

Expansive Market Access

INGOT Coin will provide a platform that meets the needs of beginner as well as advanced traders to trade with minimal initial capital. IC will also provide its own cryptocurrency, which will be available on different exchanges for all investors and market participants to purchase. IC will show no bias towards any market participant and will provide fair and equal opportunities to all participants regardless of size of trade, type of order or initial capital.

All “Four” One & One “Four” All

To ensure no means for market manipulation and leakage of unethical or illegal money in the Ecosystem, the KYC and AML policies must suffice and exceed the needs of all parties, whether its regulators, banks, brokers or exchanges. The KYC and AML compliance may seem strict to some investors; however, this is a necessary procedure to ensure the safety of the Ecosystem and all stakeholders. This is done to make the Ecosystem trustworthy, secure, transparent and compliant; consequently, filling the Ecosystem’s singular KYC allows participants to open one account in the IC Digital Bank, the IC Exchange, the IC Brokerage, and the IC wallet simultaneously to trade crypto, fiat, and traditional instruments hereon after.

Minimize Costs & Establish the Pathway

IC will make trading direct, cost efficient, less timely and more available round the clock by utilizing distributed technologies and discarding the issues brought by third party intermediaries and banks such as high fees, unavailability, and time consumption. Consequently, crypto traders and holders will have a pathway to freely enter and exit different markets in a single place. Crypto traders and holders will no longer fear bear markets as they could crossover to other markets such as stocks or commodities and mitigate their risk immediately.

Transparency, Data Availability & High Liquidity

The Ecosystem will increase transparency by making all trades available on a decentralized ledger. This ledger will be available to all potential stakeholders. Data vending will be available to the public, as it will include a journal for all trades, investors, volumes and extensive data of all transactions within the Ecosystem.

Advantages of IC Ecosystem

  • Crypto vs Crypto Trading
  • Crypto vs Fiat Trading
  • Crypto vs Traditional
  • Fiat vs Fiat Trading
  • Fiat vs Traditional
  • Custodial Services
  • Payment Processing
  • CryptoCurrency Custodial
  • 24/7 Digital Banking Service
  • Highly Liquid Exchange
  • Listing New CryptoCurrencies
  • One-Stop-Shop for creating ICOs
  • Setting Educational Standards
  • Fund Management
  • Credit Ratings

The Token

Token Summary
The Exchange will charge a preferred rate on all transactions paid by our coin, compared to payments done by other major cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. INGOT will distribute coin dividends once the company is mature and profitable. This increases the attractiveness of the coin in the initial phases and in the long run. The maximum number of tokens that will be distributed will be 120,000,000 IC. In case tokens were not all sold once all the ICO ends, all unsold tokens will enter a burning program as per the smart contract.

Uses of the Token
This hybrid token serves as a utility and a security token. We will go into extensive explanations of both beneficial areas.

Security benefits
The token holders will benefit from the growth of the Ecosystem’s returns. The returns will be reflected on the price, in terms of Capital Gains and in terms of Dividends. As one of the Ecosystem’s main objective is to satisfy token holders and ensure their benefits are on the top of the objectives list, the reflection of the returns on the price of IC will be mainly channeled through our dividends program that will start after the Ecosystem is sustainable and profitable. As it is currently in the market, companies that pay increasing amounts of dividends to their shareholders will enjoy increase in stock or token prices. This is due to the increase in attractiveness of the security as the returns on the price of the security has increased. Along with some of the other cryptocurrencies, the token will have limited supply, which will lead to fixing the supply while demand can increase that will lead to capital gains for token holders.

Utility Benefits
The main benefits of this token lie here. The token could be used in a magnitude
of ways:

  • Method of payment within the Ecosystem: As there is value to the coin, Ecosystem stakeholders will be willing to receive these coins as a method of payment. The advantage here is that if a token holder is paying the IC Exchange, IC Brokerage, IC Crypto Certifier, IC Accelerator and the IC community they will receive various discounts from %5 and reaching up to %50 in some cases.
  • Method of payment to external entities: In this case, IC will act just like any other cryptocurrency, a method of payment with value shown clearly from the exchanges. The increase in circulation of the token will provide a more efficient price of the token.

Token Sale Information

Token : IC
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC , Fiat
Price in ICO : 1 IC = 1 USD
Country : Estonia
Soft cap: 37,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 90,000,000 USD
Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

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