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GOLDMINT – Blockchain based platform which operates gold-backed cryptoassets GOLD


Initial Coin Offering, aka fundraising with cryptocurrency, created a new business model from the traditional to the expanding digital industry trends recently. Forbes reported that ICO collected more than $ 2 billion so far this year. The calculations have not been added to the Kik app that raised nearly $ 100 million this week through the new Ethereum-based Kin token.

ICO is not just for cryptocurrency veterans anymore. Token sales are rated faster than traditional VC fund raising. Plus, they get wider public attention to engage in a project before the official launch, and build new type of customer loyalty.

Along with the development of blockchain technology that is currently growing rapidly. Characterized by the emergence of projects using Blockchain technology as the basis for future project growth. Cryptocurrency has adopted several gold advantages with the creation of rare bitcoins: through the introduction of digital coins that can be easily and easily transmitted and with the creation of distributed and decentralized blockchain that helps  businesses. Cryptocurrency also adds value by making one’s transactions fast, secure and transparent.

Discussing about investing maybe you could try investing with a precious metal bid. Of all precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment. And as one of the precious metals coveted and desired by everyone, gold is now regarded as one of the most profitable investments. Although there are many types of investments, but gold remains the choice of many people to benefit in the future. The price of gold from year to year is higher, making the number of people prefer to keep the wealth in the form of gold This is due to the increasing amount of natural resources of gold producers. Currently, one of the Blockchain-based projects is looking to connect the gold business with Blockchain Technology. The project name is GoldMINT. GoldMint can be one of your alternative choices in shaping investments.

What is GoldMint?

GoldMint is a Blockchain-based project that wants to combine gold business with blockchain technology using smart contracts. In more detail Decentralized platforms use special blockchain that helps gold owners to trade, borrow, invest and generally use their commodities to make a profit. The GoldMint company emits GOLD digital assets by itself and ensures their repurchase with the current gold price. Physical gold and ETF guarantee the ability to pay GoldMint companies. Its assets are bought and sold in accordance with the volume of EMAS emitted. At the same time, the company’s assets evaluated in 999 ounces of the gold standard always equal or exceed the number of EMAS tokens emitted. GoldMint buys, sells and repurchases GOLD at current market prices for physical gold. GoldMint gold reserves equal or exceed the amount of gold mined.

The GoldMint platform is built on a private block, based on Graphene technology. The main advantage of Graphene that has made the company’s choice is open source, and offers the full range of instruments needed to bring our project out of the box. In addition, it adheres to modern security standards and has many financial wash systems around the world that are manifested on the basis of their performance.

The fundamental thing that distinguishes between GoldMint and other gold crypto blockers is GoldMint uses its own blockchain and altcoin, called MNT, for GOLD transactions. Where the physical Gold and ETF are stored in a programmable decentralized storage unit. GoldMint uses Proof-of-Stake where miners handing out blocks / transactions according to the number of MNTs they have. The stock evidence (PoS) is faster, simpler and cheaper than work evidence (PoW). GoldMint also comes with Custody Bot, an innovative GoldMint storage unit programmed to automatically identify and store gold jewelry, small metal rods (up to 100 grams) and coins, without human intervention.

Crypto Gold Assets

100% transparency information about all gold held by GoldMint, disclosing the company’s gold reserves and its ability to repurchase GOLD on current trading prices. With 100% transparency then the possibility of fraud is very small and your assets are safe. GoldMint uses decentralized blockchain for smart contracts and for storing its crypto assets. GoldMint uses ETF for its liquidity and elasticity. ETFs help you exchange gold much faster than physical gold. Loans that are guaranteed to contain gold, such as jewelry or coins. GoldMint helps you keep this guarantee in a unique Storage Bot. Ability to receive passive income as the market price of GOLD increases. The repurchase of GOLD for fiat is in accordance with the current GOLD price. Fast registration and user identification system.

About GoldMint

  • Private Blockchain
    This allows us to build a robust and secure architecture with high bandwidth and the ability to use the usual Proof-of-Stake consensus. Where miners handing out blocks / transactions in accordance with the amount of MNT they have. The stock evidence (PoS) is faster, simpler and less expensive than the proof of work (PoW).
  • Selling Gold Saving
    Safe storage that gives the ability to quickly and securely take out loans using gold or gold jewelry as collateral. Physical and ETF phases are stored in programmable decentralized storage units
  • GoldMint Application
    This app creates and generates blocks in a private GoldMint Blockchain and receives commissions for the transaction being processed. GoldMint uses its own blockchain and altcoin, called MNT, for GOLD transactions.
  • GoldMint API
    This API allows any financial institution to use GOLD crypto as a means of payment. Furthermore, such APIs allow third party holders of large gold assets to identify their assets and create their own work logic.
  • Custody Bot
    Custody Bot is a tool intended to receive, rate, store and transmit physical gold. It is also appropriate to receive evaluation and assessment of gold, coin or gold jewelery in automatic mode. This device is required to verify gold assets from small banks, non-credit financial institutions and individuals. It also helps implement investment scenarios with digital assets of GOLD and implements a credit system secured by gold. Custody Bot connects to the public blockchain and sends the scoring value to it.
  • Loans With Gold Guarantee
    You may be able to receive a loan of cryptocurrency or fiat from Goldmint, using GOLD as collateral. All applicants need to undergo a KYC procedure. All members with EMAS accept Goldmint Partner bank credit cards, in line with VISA and MasterCard systems.

Token Sale

Road MAP


Token Name : MNTP
ICO Start : September 20th, 2017 09:00 UTC
ICO End : October 20th, 2017 09:00 UTC
Price 1 MNTP : $7.00
Total Supply : 7 000 000 MNTP
Accepting : Ethereum and Bitcoin


Dmitry PlutschevskyFounder and CEO
Anton AkentievLead Blockchain Developer
Konstantin PichuginCTO
Evgeniy VolfmanCo-founder and CBDO
Alexander PavlovProduct Director
Maxim UperyakaMarketing Manager
Peter BelPR Manager
Dr. Serge UmanskyAdviser
Alex ButmanovAdviser
Igor RyabenkiyAdviser
Julian ZegelmanAdviser
Kirill ZhukovAdviser

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