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DAEX Global Foundation is the creator of DAEX, an open and distributed clearing ecosystem for exchanging crypto currencies. The aim of this project is to alleviate the responsibilities of centralized exchange by providing them with identity authentication, registration, clearing and asset settlement services.

The centralization of exchanges that are part of the ecosystem will still control matching trading, even though the service will be provided by DAEX using distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. With a variety of products, ecosystems will provide several benefits for all parties involved.

What is DAEX?

One of the biggest issues with centralized exchanges is mobility. For instance, transactions can take a few days when using these platforms. Not to mention the middlemen, who tend to charge high fees for their services.

DAEX creates a hybrid exchange infrastructure. The goal of the project is to combine the benefits of both decentralized and centralized exchanges. As a result, it leads to more increased security, trustless environments, strong liquidity, and faster transaction times.

The main innovation with DAEX is that it separates the trading and clearing services into two separate entities. This means that centralized can still use DAEX’s protocol and continue with trading services.

However, all settlement and clearing services are based on DAEX’s platform. It’s an open source blockchain that makes sure the trader’s assets are kept in their account. This allows DAEX users to receive the benefits of a centralized exchange – the fast and easy trading. Plus, they receive the security that a decentralized exchange brings.

Another problem that DAEX solves is finding authentic tokens on exchanges. Due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, a lot of cryptocurrencies appear to be completed projects. When in reality, these projects act as nothing but empty promises.

With DAEX, it will decide which tokens will be listed in its partnered exchanges. This process will include quality and background checks and integrating solutions for placing the token into the DAEX wallet.

DAEX Value

    A joint custodian organization for all registered assets within DAEX ecosystem. A multi-level encryption mechanism for DAEX Wallet
    A public clearing chain that enables transparent accounting information. Allowing everyone to witness and share the benefit of DAEX’s clearing ecosystem.
  • OPEN
    An open ecosystem supports trading and clearing.An infrastructure supports future derivatives business.



    Supporting multiple assets for both enterprise and individual level customers.


    A public clearing chain supports cross chain clearing for digital assets.


    Supporting investments of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, cross chain solutions and asset management projects.



The team behind the DAEX Global Foundation includes several experts in the financial and Blockchain fields. The chairman, Benjamin Gu, has several years of management experience in financial services companies and company software companies. Jason Tang, the co-founder, has a broad background in creating Blockchain-related applications for domestic banks in Mainland China. Hana Zhang, one of the other founders, is an investor from several exchanges and an early member of IDEL (International Digital Economic League).

  • Clearing Account: Every DAEX user will have a clearing account that allows them to store their assets in a safe location. Since its encrypted, it protects their information from hacks and identity breaches.
  • Storing Digital Assets: All assets that are in DAEX’s platform will be stored on its clearing chain. The assets can’t be accessed by other participants without the owner’s permission.
  • Settlement and Clearing: DAEX’s clearing solution uses distributed ledger technology. It’s a consensus where the data is spread across multiple channels, with no central authority or storage of data.


Token Sale Information

Token Symbol: DAX
Price 1 DAX = 0.07 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Minimum investment: 2 ETH
Soft cap: 7,000 ETH
Hard cap: 10,000 ETH
Country: China
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Restricted areas: USA, China


The project’s targeted market is the cryptocurrencies trading industry. A huge market where its current value has exceeded 400 Billion USD (by market cap). To date, given the drawbacks of distributed exchanges in terms of liquidity, user experience and transaction execution time, they cannot address the market need properly. Moreover, there are no KYC & AML processes in these exchanges. The existence of such processes might become crucial in accordance with tightening regulations. The DAEX ecosystem aims to provide strong liquidity, high-security level, transparency and a relatively trustless environment, and therefore, may possess a significant competitive advantage over these exchanges.

  • Trust: All of the operations and transactions are transparent on DAEX’s blockchain. This transparency decreases distrust between the exchanges and users and provides more certainty.
  • Decentralized Exchanges: By separating the clearing and the trading, users can focus on more important competencies. And, DAEX helps with reducing operational costs via listing new cryptocurrencies so additional exchanges can trade.
  • Resource Allocation: Since every exchange has to do their own clearing work, the trading industry isn’t fully using their resources. By using DAEX’s clearing service, the industry resources are used more efficiently.
  • Team: The team consists of professionals with rich experience in the fintech realm, and especially in the field of clearing and payment. Alongside the core team, the project has a strong advisory board and partners, which bring essential experience.
  • Market Saturation: There is a multitude of crypto exchanges that already follow the hybrid (centralized and decentralized) formula. DAEX will have to create an innovative addition to its pitch if they want a larger market share.
  • Website Issues: Users were complaining about the navigation of the site. For instance, users are unable to view the whitepaper and website. The site needs to fix this to attract more investors.

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.


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