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Coinnup – Blockchain Powered FinTech and e-commerce Platform


Since its first public introduction in 2009, Blockchain has continued to capture the world’s attention, among investors, corporate leaders, IT experts, and the Society Why?

This is because, innovation and development Blockchain in the industrial sector continues to progress from time to time, which when first appeared Blockchain is only used to assist financial transactions in virtual currency, Bitcoin.

But along with the running time, Blockchain technology is not only used for financial transactions alone but becomes a seseuatu larger in the eyes of the world. This has not escaped penetration and also the use of Blockchain technology in emerging industries such as real estate, trade, health, payment, etc.

Related developments Fintech leads with more than 30% share in the overall blockchain base technology that has emerged so far. There is no doubt that decentralization and transparency are far from here, but on the other hand, this will only be possible with mass adoption.

Although fintech is the most developed component of the digital economy, the sector as a whole is still scattered and there are no practical solutions available to ordinary users. The large gap between current evolutionary conditions and the use of day-to-day blockchain technology requires sustained and centric integration. Coinnup has assembled a team of experienced developers, economists and fintech experts to design an all-in-one platform that delivers solutions to B2B, B2C, common buyers, investors, and traders.

What is Coinnup?coinnup ico

Coinnup aims to offer a unified interface for users and businesses, connecting the dots between all major components of digital asset management. Coinnup ecosystem will streamline all the major components that drive the digital economy. We intend to take all the sophistication into the backend to offer extremely simple, portable, secure & technically robust platform. Coinnup all-in-one platform will join hands with major banks globally to ensure our users receive domestic level services along with 24-hour customer support. A scalable and centric platform built to tackle the everyday transactions in shape of cryptocurrency or Fiat, trading, deposit and withdrawals.

What is Product Coinup:

Paymaz Ecosystem

Paymaz, a product of Coinnup offers five core platforms of crypto management on one central platform powered by coinnup coin (PMZ). You will be able to trade crypto, buy, sell, withdrawal, send and receive crypto using one platform. Our B2B and B2C payment gateways will offer a unique payment checkout network based on Blockchain. Now buiseness will be able to accept crypto and fiat through one integration.

The full-featured crypto exchange that can handle million + orders per second with the capacity to keep up with the future demand. With instant KYC, powerful trading engine and instant withdrawals, our trading platform will be one of a kind in the market. All early adopters will be able to test the exchange and use an alpha version with the hugely discounted fee for next four years.
Fiat central, packed with multiple components. Buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly, withdraw funds to a bank account, send and receive payments all using one platform. CSS protocol will allow buying the majority of the cryptocurrencies with fiat central directly. No more buying the BTC, LTC, ETH to get the ERC20 tokens, saving 100s of the dollars in buying fee, conversion rates and hassle of switching between exchanges.
The debit card that will let you spend cryptocurrency holdings online and offline and withdraw funds across the world. Option to have a virtual or physical card with a smooth top up from your crypto wallet any time, anywhere on the go.
Store 50+ cryptocurrencies to start with and targeting to integrate top 200 currencies in the first year of launch. Trade on Paymaz exchange right from the wallet, eliminating the need of keeping your funds on the exchange.
Blockchain-based payment gateways for business to business and business to consumers platform. B2B platform-like Alibaba, India gate, EC21 and made-in-china will be able to take payments from buyers in cryptocurrencies and settle in real time. B2C platforms like Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento or any online store will be able to accept crypto and fiat payment using one payment gateway with the lowest flat rate in the market.
Point of sale terminals for brick and mortar stores will allow buying groceries with cryptocurrency or purchase of cryptocurrencies from groceries stores. Paymaz POS network aims to simplify the purchase process of crypto for the non-technical users. Businesses can benefit from the upfront flat fee on each transaction and accept crypto and fiat through one POS terminal, allowing acceptance of more currencies with low cost.


The main goal of Coinnup’s POS network is to “be everywhere.” To some, cryptocurrency is still a foreign phenomenon, especially in retail and wholesale environments.

Because of these targeted industries, Coinnup will be able to make it easier for users to shop and obtain physical goods. The POS (Point-of-Sale) system will help users create payments for online and offline transactions.

The Coinnup platform will comprise of both software and hardware, including mobile devices for traders. 

Coinnup POS Network will Target:

  • Retail Stores (All Kind)
  • Mobile Network Companies
  • Government Departments
  • Ecommerce checkouts
  • Mobile Payments Intergration and API

Services by POS Network

  • Day to Day Retail payments
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Send & Receive Domestic & International Payments
  • Utilility Bills
  • Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency
  •  NFC & QR payments

POS Rollout Model

  •  Chain stores (brands)
  •  Retail stores (agents)
  • Coinnup POS Franchise


Token Sale Information

Website: View
Whitepaper: View 
Fundraising Goal: $2,000,000 USD
(Soft Cap) : $21,000,000 USD
(Hard Cap):  $32,000,000 USD
Currency: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, NEO
Total Token Supply: 298,500,000 PMZ
Sale Date: May 11, 2018 – October 30, 2018
Restrictions: United States of America, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk

Best Idea: Coinnup’s idea to help decentralize payments is a unique one. If worked out correctly, the ICO will be able to help users pay without having to wait on any middlemen.


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