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Coinlancer – The Revolution in the Freelancer Industry Makes the World Unite


As is known, Blockchain technology is a popular technology applied in a digital currency ecosystem or better known as the virtual currency. Where Blockchain technology is believed to be the most secure, transparent, fast and efficient technology today to transact across countries. Moreover, Blockchain network is able to provide a broader transaction but relatively inexpensive in terms of costs to be incurred.

Speaking of Blockchain, most of us might think about finances, cryptocurrency, and digital ledgers. However, beyond that, there are many things that have not realized that Blockchain has tremendous power to solve problems in other sectors.

As recently discovered that Blockchain-based protocols could change the freelancer market, such as how to connect clients with freelance worker candidates in addition to facilitating payments for work performed. In fact, Working online as a freelancer exposes one to a variety of risks. Some of these risks include identity theft, a lack of guaranteed hours of paying work, and most likely job loss as a result of minor adjustments.

Introducing a coinlancer that focuses on the Ethereum-based platform that will allow freelancers and ,clients to interact with each other fairly and efficiently. The Coinlancer Protocol facilitates secure payments and fair decisions.

What Is Coinlancer

Coinlancer is a decentralized job market built on Ethereum platform, which empowers burgeoning freelancers and clients from across the globe. The traditional ways of freelancing don’t seem to work anymore. Same principles, unexplained account suspensions, unaddressed or prolonged disputes often leave you exhausted.

So we introduced Coinlancer. We embrace blockchain technology to help you keep up with the trend of freelancing. Safe, Secure and transparent! Say goodbye to outdated job markets, and take your plunge into freelancing on Coinlancer for better performance and engagement. We made freelancing secure. Discover more than what traditional freelancing platforms offer, join us in pitching successful blocks of freelancing.

How Coinlancer Works

  1. Client & Freelancer agree to terms
  2. Client deposits funds in escrow
  3. Freelancer delivers project
  4. Client approves the project
  5. Escrow disburses funds to the Freelancer

Coinlancer Token Utility (CL)

  • CL will be used to pay service fee on Coinlancer Platform
  • CL will be used on Coinlancer Platform immediately upon the distribution of CL Token
  • Following the ICO, CL may be available for purchase on secondary market.

Technology used Coinlancer

  • Distributed Ledgers
    Unique Transaction Records Zero Interventions by Central Authority
  • Open Application Programming Interface (API)
    Flexible Deployable Across Channels Integrated User Experience
  • Smart Contracts
    Customizable Well-Executed Contracts and Events
  • Block Chain
    Accurate Consistent Immutable Records
  • Digital Signature
    Identity Authentication and Protection

Coinlancer Token

Coinlancer Token is a Ethereum-based platform. With this token, a 3% Escrow fee will be paid on the platform. The use of tokens will grow as the freelance platform becomes more popular. The token value will increase as well as the request for it.

In addition, it can be used to pay a 3% Escrow fee, this can be a payment option across multiple platforms and e-commerce processors and can be traded on different exchanges. There are only 300 million Coinlancer cans that have been mined available during ICO.


ICO Details

ICO Date: October 14th -December 15th
Symbol: CL
Technology: Ethereum
Total token supply: 300 million
Price1 CL= USD 0.25


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