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What is ATLANT?
The real estate market is one of t
he richest and safest markets, but, unfortunately, the system in which it works is very outdated. To help, come the ATLANT platform, which implements a project that can make life easier for many people.

ATLANT is a global real estate market of the modern generation, based on blockbuster technology. This will allow you to immediately make transactions and not worry about security. The main idea of ​​the ATLANT platform is the realization of ownership rights and lease of real estate P2P without an intermediary.

The goal of ATLANT is to expand the global real estate market to $ 217 trillion with $ 1.4 trillion in 2017 to find more transparent and liquid ways of trading and trading. The ATLANT Platform seeks to help divide real estate into tokens and then PTO (Offer Token Offer) and register it on the exchange, starting with ADEX decentralized exchanges based on Ethereum intellectual contracts.

ATLANT works as a special decentralized system, regulated by DAO, built on Ethereal. This platform is supported by a key token, abbreviated as “ATL”. ATLANT provides two key functions to solve known problems in modern global real estate that are Owned and Peer-to-Peer Ownership. The use of property will simplify all types of real estate transactions, including investments in real estate and the transfer of ownership, in whole or in part.

The property owner willing to express his intention to associate his / her rights with the property and receive tokens from the decentralized ATL platform, automatically assigns them as legitimate participants. The next stage – you choose the next step: buy or sell, lease or lease something. Automatically decentralize the vote, which agrees or does not intend this intention. To move forward, it is necessary to determine the form of ownership in the legal plan and the overall director of the company. After all this, you are given a lawyer who has jurisdiction issues in the selected location. Once the formal phase has passed, the certified documents fall into the encryption system and are coordinated, then poured into a distributed file system where editing without consequences is impossible. This ensures the authenticity and transparency of documents.

P2P rental property without intermediaries Such a system will allow people to directly make transactions. Avoid dealing with intermediaries who pay close attention to their services. That does not benefit both parties to the transaction. As a consequence, this will reduce the commissions charged to tenants and landlords. Not a few important advantages of such a system are minimizing improper reviews and fake ratings from real estate sites and rental housing. Since today such problems have emerged among many, especially when booking accommodation abroad. On the site, some photos, and upon arrival in a place of housing look, to make it lighter, not as good as photos. And this problem is ready to minimize ATLANT market.

The ATLANT real estate market sets its future goals to interact with jurisdictions. This is possible after the state will switch to blocking technology. And all real estate transactions, such as buying and selling homes, renting, transfer of ownership rights will be recorded in one registry. And you do not need to use the help of other campaigns.

The ATL Token, this is the standard, well-tested and famous ERC-20 token, which is quite convenient for users. The platform token will be distributed to ICO, which will be held on September 7th.

Total ATL Tokens: 150,000,000

Total supply of ATL tokens will be limited to 150,000,000 of which 103,548,812 will be issued during the ICO period, and 5,201,188 allotted for the pre-sale, with the remainder going to the team, board of directors, advisers, and bounty program participants.

Atlant offers attractive offers through presale and ICO. Pre-ico ends on August 19, 2017, and ICO will begin on September 7, 2017. In initial offer, the token price is 1 ETH = 1010 ATL, and in the main sale of tokens for 1 ETH unit, it will be possible to purchase 505 TL tokens. So it would be very useful if you join this project in ico. It would be awful not to buy a pre-ijima token, would it? But do not worry, take part in ICO, you can also make a little money. Immediately the price will stay up and thanks to this you will greatly benefit.

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