Whopper Coin is a Cryptocurrency launched by BurgerKing


Have you ever heard the term cryptocurrency? The term is used to refer to the virtual currency. Currently virtual currency continues to show trends that can be considered uphill after the world was introduced with Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 ago.

So widespread, not only Bitcoin which is then introduced to the world, quoted from there are more than 500 cryptocurrency created. One of them is WhopperCoin.

WhopperCoin is a virtual currency that was recently launched by one of Burger King’s famous burger franchises.

Reported by, Saturday (6/9/2017), Burger King branch of Russia has just launched its own virtual currency with the name WhopperCoin. Reportedly, in the development of the WhopperCoin system, Burger King collaborated with Waves (start-up company in the field of crypto-cash).

The applied transaction scheme, where the customer will get one WhopperCoin for each ruble (Russian currency) used when buying a burger. Later, the collected WhopperCoin can be reused to buy food at Burger King.

The mechanism that will be carried out to get this virtual coin later is to scan the receipt that customers get when transacting, which then the coins are stored in electronic wallet.

Based on monitoring in social media, customer feedback on this scheme is also positive, as many have claimed the virtual coin.

Non-cash transaction mechanism is starting a lot of ogled. The reason, this mechanism is considered to be a lot of cut costs both production and distribution used conventional currency.

For users, having digital money certainly also gives a lot of benefits. Practical is certainly, and no less important, the mechanism of non-cash transactions also means mengajuhkan users of crime, because no need to bring lots of money in physical form in the wallet.

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