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Ubex – Artificial Intelligence to Advertising Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts


If we talk about Blockchain, most of us will probably think about finances, cryptocurrency, and digital ledgers. However, beyond that, there are many things that have not realized that Blockchain has tremendous power to solve problems in other sectors.

As recently discovered that Blockchain-based protocols can change the world of digital advertising, for example how ads will be bought, shipped, measured and valued. In fact, it can even lead to accurate data and leads to better results overall.

Long-term effects of Blockchain on ad technologies will be topics at the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Program Symposium, an American-based advertising industry organization, this week.

Can Blockchain address the messy supply chain in today’s advertising technology? Establishing transparency and trust requires a centralized and secure way to record, review and execute agreements. Currently, transactions are typically stored in different and nonstandard formats and locations. Creating standards and enabling collaboration is an important first step.

Blockchain transformation will not happen soon. Nor will it eliminate intermediaries, as long as the intermediary provides services around new transactional beliefs. Agents that help clients strategically plan and trade can thrive. The Blockchain revolution, however, forces us to face new developments.

Facing this challenge requires cooperation because cooperation is part of Blockchain’s core design. Even for simple transaction logging, ad tech or advertising technology, such as the financial sector, must move seriously and cooperatively toward new trust standards, and many complaints such as inefficiency, lack of transparency and fraud. Therefore, digital advertising that in fact in the development of a very positive evaluation and a step further to solve problems that harm all parties. Seeing this problem UBEX arises by connecting all the benefits of program technology, neural networks and smart contracts in one system.

What is Ubex?

Ubex will be a blockchain-powered online advertisement system with usage of neural networks alogorithms. According the presentation, it will solve these existing issues of online advertisement market:

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  • High commissions – by using blockchain technologies and reducing intermediate participants’ number
  • Risk of fraud – will be reduced by saving all user actions in blochainck
  • Ineffective targeting – targeting will be improved by usage of neural networks.


Additionally, neural networks will optimize slot load cost, debts and traffic management. Unfortunately, there are no clear explaination how neural networks algorithms can improve analysis efficiency and why founders are planning to use only neural networking.

Ubex has an ADAM (Advanced Decentralized Advertising Marketing) system that works and is responsible for making decisions on displaying the creative. This decision step was previously stored in the blockchain as well as on the neural network model data stored internally. Digital ads that have been created actually have an ecosystem in which there are advertisers, publishers and visitors. They will become subsystems in Ubex technology. Advertisers here will be consumers where they are required to register and promote the insurance system. The registration process has corresponding entities in the Smartcontract Ethereum blockchain. The advertiser will make the bid management made or the parameters to be stored in the Smart-Contract of Ethereum.

Ubex uses a decentralized system, advertisers can register on any partner site that is a member of the Ubex exchange network. The relationship with the advertiser or advertiser for the next is the publisher. The Ubex publisher ecosystem can then start working on the publisher’s website as soon as the publisher registers, passes the KYC procedure and adds a placement space. To achieve better results, publishers can integrate exchange tracking services, thereby providing extended statistics for their visitors. This data input will be added to the blockchain as the main system data store.

For visitors as balancing in tracking, this balancing role is to divert visitor requests to one of hundreds of examples of micro tracking services (trackers). Trackers are responsible for management processing at the request of visitors, including, but not limited to, collecting visitor data, interactions with neural network nodes, storing preliminary results, transferring data to and from the renderer instance and responding to visitors with the last advertising widget. The Ubex exchange will operate dozens of automatic decision-making nodes from the neural network (DSP – Demand Side Platform).

DSP itself here is a collection of analysis systems. There are some analysis in this DSP system that is
1. DSP-1 Behavioral Analysis where DSP receives from tracer dozens of parameters at the input stage, including publisher data, placement placement data, current visitor data, extended data from authorized user in integration case, and current user marketing history.
2. DSP-2 Bidding Option. DSP-2 must select a list of potential candidates, such as creatives and widgets that are potentially attractive to visitors.
3. DSP-3 final decision diaman In the input stage, the next DSP-3 receives all parameters collected by the tracker on the current request and selects one (and only one) of the material selected in the previous step. The statistical data is parsed by the tracker and is reserved for DSP-3 for analysis.
As part of the system, thousands of DSPs will conduct a regressive estimate of qualitative or quantitative indicators for compliance with specific results. Each DSP is a neural network.

Using blockchain will certainly be an advantage for Ubex where Ubex can later receive results from each record to then apply the Pay-Per-Result operation model. This model has been created Prototype which is similar to the original application. This Ubex prototype includes all the features that are cursed in Ubex such as creating new ads, customer recognizing features, publisher sections, and ad campaign management. Through this prototype the customers will be given control, create, memenejemen their ads.

To realize the mission Ubex publishes a token. The UBEX token will act as a payment unit on the Ubex platform. Token allows to set a quota (ease) to a specific address where the address owner can use the funds available in the account. The Ubex team will produce a standard ERC-20 UBEX TOKEN (UBEX) via a Ethereum Smart Contract. Smart contracts for all token sales will undergo independent third-party audits from credible companies before launch to ensure code security and integrity. UBEX token is not a security or utility token. A UBEX token is designated as a payment token currently used in the app as a counting unit between advertiser and publisher for the provided ad service.

Token Sale Information

Symbol Token : UBEX
Platform : Ethereum
Token Price : 0.00001 ETH (0.0051598 USD)
Token for sale :2,880,000,000 UBEX
Token supply : 4,000,000,000 UBEX
Soft cap : 4,000 ETH (2,063,920 USD)
Hard cap : 24,000 ETH (12,383,520 USD)
Accepting : ETH, BTC, LTC
Token Sale : 05/21/2018 2 p.m. – 08/13/2018 2 p.m.



  • Detailed market analysis (including analysis of competitors)
  • Having 25K followers on Telegram channel and soft cap reached in one day
  • Interesting and perspective idea
  • Strong team.


  • Lack of business plan and marketing strategy

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

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