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As we know today there are many projects that use Blokchain technology as a place to develop the project by making the project become decentralized. And it is undeniable that the growing interest in crypto currency and the increasingly decentralized economy is a direct proof of the public’s disappointment with the classic system of commodity and professional networking, and their attempts to escape into the contract economy. Currently there is no platform that connects between fellow people who can interact with each other for business and social networking. But all the problems that can be overcome with this one project.

Have you ever heard of Ties.Network? This is a project that introduces a large-scale public network based on blockchain technology that includes a decentralized ledger for both business and social networking. This will enable the crypto community to have access to a single, universal and public platform that enables cooperation and provides an opportunity to discuss and attack business dealings within the same environment. Maybe you are curious about Ties.Network how it works and what are the advantages for us when using Ties.Network service. All I will describe in full and detailed, Because Ties.Network will hold Crowdfunding for project development hopefully Ties.Network can be your choice to invest in ICO event.

What is Ties.Network

Ties.Network is a Blockchain-based project that uses the first smart contract as a business tool. The purpose of the business tool here is a decentralized social platform where business professionals can connect and conduct business transactions through smart contracts in no time. You could say a decentralized platform for traders, investors, developers, consultants and enthusiasts who make it possible to find and hire partners, employees and volunteers, sell their products or services, get business deals through smart contracts, promote themselves, and finance projects them, among other items. People can work individually or as a team to achieve their goals. As a business tool Ties.Network enables members to securely connect and transact with professionals with the best rating possible. Users collaborate on projects, receive advice from industry experts and directly conduct transactions through smart contracts.

And the interesting thing you need to know is that this platform technology uses a trustworthy scoring system, ensuring all participants can focus only on the business and benefits of lucrative relationships, and allow the problem of verification and trust of integrated platform solutions. As an Information and Technology (IT) product, Ties.Network is based on Ties.DB, a public, decentralized, and distributed noSQL database, and it allows Ties.Network to store large amounts of dynamic data, and search for file contents. Ties.DB is an open and open source solution that can be exploited by other projects related to blocks and projects related to decentralization to ease into their markets and structures.

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The World’s First Decentralized NoSQL Database

As more Ethereal-based applications and Blockchain projects emerge on the market, highly customizable and structured data storage solutions must be publicly available.

Ties.DB is important for Ties.Network because it previously provided a solid structure for the platform to grow exponentially without having to worry about unlimited storage and troubleshooting.

NoSQL public decentralization database – Ties.DB – allows unlimited data storage, advanced search, and content modification by securing interactions between nodes. The use of smart contracts in performing payments and transactions is a tangible example of this feature.

Features Ties.Network

  • Decentralized ⇒ Ties.Network is designed for transactions on this platform to run in a decentralized way. This will utilize Blockchain technology to make it easier to use. Users will get good service when utilizing this platform.
  • Stability This platform has a security system that can minimize the potential of hacker attacks or malicious parties who want to meruginak users.
  • Anonymity Ties.Network uses technologies and systems that allow users to hide the IPs they use, so that their privacy can be guaranteed well.
  • Data Storage This platform is able to store data well for the users. Users can also search for the data they need quickly.
  • Scalability As more people use this platform then Ties Network will plan a good infrastructure to accommodate every transaction executed by the user.
  • Open Source Paltform is designed so that all resources can be utilized by other parties with the rules specified.
  • Publications Anyone can easily use and utilize the services provided by this platform by installing on the device they use.
  • Advantages Users will benefit from the use of Ties.Network.
  • Speed ​​ Ties.Network can be used easily and every user can process their transactions very quickly.
  • Expansion of Services >> Ties.Network will continue to develop their services so that they can be used by third parties or provide a better application for users.

Token Ties.Network

Ties.Network will launch a token that all users can use when making transactions on this platform. This token is a token designed based on a smart contract from Ethereum. Besides being useful when transacting on this platform, Token TIE can also be used as investment product in the future. Because this token will experience price increases in the future.

For that it would be great if you hold this token in large quantities. Because many of the investors who have positive feedback from the project planned by this platform.

ICO Started

To accommodate users who wish to obtain this token, Ties.Network will sell this Token to investors at the time of ICO implementation. So this is a good opportunity for investors who want to have this token.

Total tokens provided during ICO are 140 Million TIE with projected sales reaching 33.6 million USD. From this income will be used for several purposes, among others:

♦ Marketing of 31%
IT development will get an allocation of 19%
♦ Business Needs of 20%
♦ Platform development gets allocation of fund by 16%
And the remaining 14% is used for backup and other purposes.

Business Model Ties.Network

In running the services provided to consumers and users, Ties.Network will not take advantage of the sale of certain goods or services. This platform will earn revenue from commissions or fees when users use the moderator service. Apart from that platform will also benefit from:

  • Premium Account → Premium Account is an account that will get certain privileges when using this platform. In return, the user of the premium account will pay a certain fee to Ties.Network.
  • Escrow Cost → The Escrow Service is intended for users to get insurance when they make transactions with other parties. This will guarantee the transaction to be secure.
  • Storage and Content Retrieval → When the user will store a content and retrieve a cash he wants it will cost you. This is another source of income from the Ties.Network platform.

Token Name  : TIE
ICO Start         : 21 September 2017 – October 12, 2017
Price 1 TIE      : $ 0.24
Total supply   : 140,000,000 TIE
Accepting        : Ethereum and Bitcoin

More information visit the site:


Bitcointalk link : Pixmartz

ETH : 0xa38370065430E1c101A339f0c779D52685c754D7


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