Understand More About Bitcoin HardFork

For Bitcoin users now, the term Hardfork Bitcoin is no stranger to be heard. What exactly is Bitcoin’s Hardfork? Simply put, Hardfork is defined as a fairly extreme change that must be done on bitcoin cores. In general, Hardfork is done when a node in a Bitcoin network becomes unable to validate a valid new […]


10 Tips for a Successful ICO Launch

In the past couple of months, it’s been hard to miss talks about Initial Coin Offerings or simply, ICOs. From the mainstream media to social media channels, the debate about ICOs and how they can help in raising funds to kick-start crypto-based projects have been gaining momentum. Ever since Mastercoin—a protocol that is developed on […]

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SETHER – Social Nework Integration For Smart Contract Developers

Blockchain is an innovation in registration and distribution of information. Blockchain is perfect for recording static data (registry) or dynamic data (transactions), making it an evolution in the track record system. Prior to Blockchain, all transactions were recorded in an accounting ledger and finally as entries in a spreadsheet or database stored in a computer […]