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How to Help ICOs Go Legit

Much is being written these days about the need to regulate initial coin offerings (ICOs) and – to the extent possible – access to cryptocurrencies. With close to $350 billion in (theoretical) market value, cryptocurrencies have started to hit the mainstream, and it is becoming urgent to find a suitable, enforceable regulatory framework that protects investors and […]


The History of Bitcoin In Pictures

Bitcoin. Bitcoin. Bitcoin. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you will have heard at least someone in your network of friends and family mention this thing called Bitcoin. This post is not intended to explain what this goliath, revolutionary cryptocurrency is. No, no, no. We will assume you are […]


What is Segwit2x?

What is SEgwit2x, and what consequences it can entail? Let’s understand. To begin with, for the first time a plan for a significant increase in transaction performance became known in May 2017, and the mining pools, as well as a large part of investors, supported it. However, not everything turned out as smoothly as it […]