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SP8DE – The Game of Chance. Changed. More than just an online gambling


Online gambling is an alternative gambling entertainment in the middle of the activity. Online gambling offers a lot of lightening. One of them is the player can play gambling at anytime and anywhere without being hampered by busyness. It is no wonder that online gambling are in great demand. In the European Union the online gambling industry grew nearly 19% from the first half of 2015 until the first half of 2016.

In the online gambling market, Bitcoin Virtual Money is one of the most popular forms of payment for both players and service providers. It’s not a secret that Bitcoin and other Digital Money are the right solution for online gambling sites because players are not identity (anonymous), fast and popular deals among players.

In addition, you also need to know the advantages of online gambling using Bitcoin compared to regular online gambling. By using Bitcoin, you can get the experience of fast, unidentified, and secure transactions and withdrawals. You can also find the various benefits you can earn from betting by using Bitcoin on future events in the real world.

We will discuss about bets that use Bitcoin. You know about Bitcoin Virtual Money, but most of the information here will talk about what Bitcoin bets are, how to join and place bets, and what type of account status to use. There is a wide network of Bitcoin gambling sites that you can find online. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to choose the best among the sites that exist.

You can choose among various bitcoin gambling sites that provide you with ways to earn more bitcoins. So don’t miss out on these opportunities and start your fascinating journey now.

What is SP8DE?
Sp8de is a protocol for blockchain-based platform with multiple features that are essential for the growing blockchain gambling industry and whose solid implementation is lacking in any of the currently existing projects in this space.
Sp8de – implemented within a protocol created and maintained by the scientists at IOHK, the pioneers in the realm of blockchain innovation and cryptography development, has its aim to revolutionize the ever-growing gaming industry as we know it today. Sp8de’s aim is to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar gambling industry for the first time since the creation of the Internet. The online gaming is the industry with no future: centralized and obscure, the online casinos currently in existence can only offer ridiculous house edges, uncertainty in processing the payments, inward and otherwise, and the need to rely on the randomness generated elsewhere. In layman terms, you can’t be sure that the game design is fair, that the randomness used to generate game outcomes is unbiased and that you will get you money back if you win. The blockchain is the fit-for-purpose technology that is set to solve all of these issues.

In spite of all the benefits the blockchain environment introduces to the gambling world its current state of implementation can be best described by a single word – tragic. Blockchain based gambling platforms are plagued with issues primarily inherent to the current state of the underlying technology. Decentralization imposes heavy tax on the efciency: games are fair, but you can’t play them. The obstacle seems unsurpassable: so should we just pause for a while and wait for the technology to advance further? No.

If no one has done it before, we will. Sp8de is a blockchain-based platform for developing distributed gaming applications. As a platform for gaming applications with some self-respect, we are equipped with the protocol for generating fresh unbiased randomness. As a team with some aspirations we have it provably fair and completely decentralized. We feel that it is important to be true to the spirit of the venture we embark upon: if blockchain is the universal and undisputed source of truth then it should also be the broadcast channel for randomness. We think that single points of failure should be perceived by anyone as just a funny relic of the past. And yes, we are Proof-Of-Stake (POS) efcient in terms of cost and time alike. Sp8de is built on top of Ouroboros, the most advanced POS protocol that underpins the Cardano blockchain. A cradle of academic approach to the blockchain technology, Cardano is the beam of progress that shines forward towards the future of distributed applications.

The Mechanics of SP8DE
We build Sp8de on top of the blockchain called Cardano. The Cardano project itself is a monumental work that embraced the best practices and most far reaching innovations in the area of cryptocurrencies and packed them into a single state-of-art system. In what follows we will illustrate how Sp8de provides an environment for the design of gambling applications which are characterized with:
1. Close-to-absent transaction fees and Proof-of-Stake powered scalability that is beyond the reach of any other on-chain casino protocol currently in existence;
2. A mechanism to generate decentralized provably uniform randomness at arbitrary time-spans.
3. Provides rich Smart Contract functionality that allows for creativity in game design that is bounded solely by the fantasy of the developer (and the demand for the resulting product, of course); As we have mentioned multiple times before, fairness of the outcome is essential for gambling, it is the core.
Sp8de utilizes Cardano to design its ecosystem and thereby solves the problems normally associated with the on-chain casinos described above.
1. Transaction fees and scalability: Ouroboros is a Proof-of-Stake protocol, meaning that at any given time, a trusted set of nodes maintain the integrity of the system. This protocol was shown in an experimental setting to be resistant to a handful of attacks that are known to plague other systems and are directly relevant to gambling protocols.
2. Random number generation: finally, and, arguably, most importantly, Ouroboros, the POS protocol underlying Cardano blockchain in its workings fully relies upon generating unbiased (i.e. Uniformly distributed) entropy. The beauty of the idea is that the blockchain itself serves as a broadcast channel: the uniform randomness is generated on-chain! In layman terms, this means that Ouroboros:
a. Generates provably random numbers;
b. Guarantees that everyone will get them.
3. Flexible and finance application-tailored scripting language: Cardano is designed by the masters of code and is set to follow best practices; its scripting language is tailored for financial applications: security and execution can be “extremely well understood”. Any language suited for finance is the natural candidate for casino development: the underlying logic (at least from the programming viewpoint) of these two domains is similar.

Token Utility

  • Software license
    Getting access to the universe of applications just requires you to own the native token of our system, SPX.
  • Gaming Chip
    Betting within Sp8de ecosystem is done only using SPX. By owning SPX, you share a part in protocol’s success.
  • Royalties
    SPX is used to reward the developers fairly on the protocol level.

Tokens Distribution
There are 8,888,888,888 SPX tokens to ever be supplied. Initially, during the ICO, SPX will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 tokens. More detailed information can be found in the whitepaper and the SPX ICO description. The token sale is organized in 9 phases: one pre-sale and four token sales that are each followed by a jackpot round.

As shown before the price of one SPX coin increases with every sale round. The number of tokens sold and jackpotted is larger every subsequent round for the exception of the pre-sale. Every jackpot is played among all of the existing token holders.
Earlier participation allows for participation in more jackpot rounds. For example, taking part in the Pre-Sale and the first Sale gives access to all four jackpots. However, participation in, let’s say the third Sale will grant access only to Jackpots three and four.

The token distribution begins on Friday, December 08, 2017 and ends on Monday, February 12, 2018 and is scheduled. The Pre-Sale lasts for 14 days while each Sale phase will be seven days followed by a Jackpot that is distributed entirely within a single day after every Sale. During the Jackpots additional tokens given away to the participants of every Sale (including the Pre-Sale) – the distribution of the tokens is based on randomly generated factors with different weight (see the full white paper for details). In short, the earlier one buys tokens the more tokens will be allocated to them – for example, if you bought during the Pre-Sale you will receive more tokens during Jackpots I, II, III, and IV; while if you bought during Sale III then you will receive tokens only from Jackpots III and IV. Also, the earlier you bought the more “weight” (or chance for taking larger part of the Jackpots) your tokens will have during the Jackpot phases.
So don’t miss out on these opportunities and start your fascinating journey now.


Total Supply: 8,888,888,888
Category: Gambling & Betting
Project Type: Blockchain
Symbol: SPX
Platform:Ethereum (ERC-20)


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