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Sand Coin – The World’s First Electronic Option for High-Quality Sand


We are proud to introduce the first ever sand quarry project funded through raising cryptocurrency via creating a blockchain option for mining non-metallic materials. SAND COIN is a blockchain derivative based on a real product

The Moscow region is one of the most ineffective areas in terms of transport infrastructure and logistics. Millions of people are constantly confronted with crowded highways, which adversely affect the development of businesses and ecological situations. There are currently several new planned and ongoing infrastructure and transportation projects in Moscow, which include:
1.  Central Ring Road (ЦКАД) – 525 km in length.
2.  Railway connection along Central Ring Road
3.  The new Moscow highway – Noginsk – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan –
over 800 km in length.

There are also decisions to destroy the property of old and unfit occupancy in Moscow, with plans to build new modern housing units to replace those that have been demolished. This plan was endorsed by President Vladimir Putin. There are plans to build 60 million square meters of new housing.

What is SandCoin

Sand is the universal material needed to build roads, house construction, reinforce new buildings and buildings under construction. More than 150 million cubic meters of sand is required for road construction around our sand mines.

Sand Coin is a sand mining establishment and development project in the Moscow region. To understand whether this project is needed in the marketplace, we must first study the construction sector. The construction site needs sand. Sand mining from the Sand Coin project is located near the intersection of Central Ring Road. Deliveries to Moscow and to the Moscow region are more manageable. This is the main project of the construction site of the capital. Introducing SandCoin

  • Reconstruction and construction of highways without
    traffic, the South and North roads are in progress;
  • New metro station is under construction;
  • Buildings and facilities for the 2018 World Cup are under
  • A comfortable urban environment is gradually created
    under the program “Moya Ulitsa” (My Way) on the streets of
    Moscow. We hope that soon the citizens of Moscow will
    get a comfortable living conditions but not the dust and
    noise beautiful.
  • Residential areas are being built in accordance with the
    housing stock renovation program. And once again we
    hope the citizens of Moscow will live better than ever in
    their new apartment.

What Is The Purpose Of The SandCoin Project?

The goal of the project is to raise funds through the blockchain and ICO system to develop a sand mine in the Moscow Region. By creating real product-based blockchain options at low prices and issuing SAND COINs, including entering the crypto currency market and subsequent repurchases, we offer profitable assets for interested buyers.



1) Collect $ 3,528 500 to finance the development of a sand mine.
2) Construction of sand mines, infrastructure development and
equipment purchases, obtaining final documentation required.
3) Mining and product sales
4) Development of new mines under SAND COIN project.
5) Integration of partners – other sand mines and deposits of nonmetallic
materials into SAND COIN


The creation of a new economic system for non-metallic materials and construction businesses through blockchain technology, enabling business owners and private entities to participate in the development of a new digital economy, to benefit.


Platform:  Ethereum
Total:  3,400,000 SND
PRE-ICO:  230,000 SND
  1 SND = 0.95 USD
ICO:  3,170,000 SND
  1 SND = 1.25 – 2 USD

We offer investors an opportunity to purchase the mortar sand blockchain option for a lowered price. During the crowdsale the product will be available for the following price: 1 SAND COIN = 1 m3 of mortar sand = $0.95 – $1.35, with the average market price of 1 m3 mortar sand being $5.30. Moreover, we plan to buy back up to 50% of SAND COIN from the market over the course of the next 5 years to increase investors’ profits and support demand.


Pre-ICO 230,000 SND 7.00%
ICO 3,170,000 SND 93.00%


Bitcointalk link : Pixmartz

ETH : 0xa38370065430E1c101A339f0c779D52685c754D7


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