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PROFEDE – Professional Decentralization; Bringing Power Back To The Professional User, With Blockchain


Blockchain technology has revolutionized the once centralized scheme of circulation to become decentralized. In Blockchain all data and transactions are recorded by users. Data and transactions can be seen by users because the Blockchain information warehouse is stored throughout the network users. With an open and decentralized database system, Blockchain makes data and transactions happen safely, quickly, and cheaply. The data stored in the Blockchain system is permanent and can be used as a valuable investment tool.

Any signed-in data with Blockchain technology can not be forged, lost or corrupted, or manipulated by network providers. The data contained in the Blockchain system can be viewed by the user because the information contained within it is distributed to everyone running the server then no one can modify or counterfeit the data and transactions that occur. Thus, Blockchain technology is basically a digital transcript designed to avoid fraud, data  is protected, provide multiple benefits, and enable access to third parties as needed.

With the advantages of Blockhain in enabling access for certain parties as needed and data is protected, so Profede opens a new project using cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offering. Profede is using blockchain to bypass the intermediaries in the professional world and create a direct connection between professionals and businesses. On the Profede Professional Protocol, the professionals control their personal data and get paid each time the businesses access it to offer them a uniquely targeted job offer, a commercial offer or a specific business proposal. Profede brings essential valued and eliminating intermediaries. Profede give many advantages for participats, so Profede can be one of your alternative choices to join a new business.

What is Profede?

The Profede Professional Protocol allows direct Professional-to-Business and Professional-to-Professional interactions, without the need for intermediaries. Profede’s Platform give the power back to the user. Professionals control their profile, decide who has access to their data and are paid each time businesses or other professionals use their data for any purpose. With blockchain, Profede is creating a decentralized protocol that allows professionals to easily store and manage their profiles, which are accessible by third parties.

Profede technology enables:

  1.  Scalable search through massive datasets.
  2. Data privacy and professional anonymity.
  3. Incentives to participate in the recruiting and social selling markets.
  4. Portable professional profiles and feedback ratings.

Profede’s Product

  • Professional Services

Professional services companies can pay to gain access to pitch to a decision maker, who can make money to be pitched at. You will able to set your price in tokens depending on how accessible you want to be and your information will be validated by the community, giving you credibility and trustworthiness. Furthermore, you will be paid once you have exchanged your data.

  • Professional looking for a new job

Are you looking for a job or for new opportunities? Complete your profile and community will validate your greatest aptitudes as a professional; the job opportunities will appear effortlessly. Regardless of whether you get job in the end, you will still be rewarded. Your personal data is valuable and because of this, we believe that sending this data information should always be rewarded.

  • Recruitment

When searching for a new employee, you want to ensure that you are targeting the best individuals for the job that you require to be done. With Profade, you will able to do this. You will be able to conduct a well-defined search where the professional will be much more receptive to appropriate offers. As the professional will only receive serious proposals from recruiters. Concluding in a win-win situation.

  • Bussines-to-Bussines

Business-to-business opportunities should be more beneficial for both parties. The business that is advertising their prospect with Profede will be rewarded directly if they accept a discussion request from a business that wants to talk. In addition, the company that is requesting to talk knows that their offer will  be taken seriously as they have requested their attention via a token payment.

  • Influencer

An influencer usually receives a lot of interest from third party companies wanting to collaborate and take advantage of their market influence. This of course has value, as the influencer fata is highly valuable for brands. Because of this, we believe that the exchange of this information should be rewarding to the influencer and the influencer should only receive serious offers of interest.

How It Works?

In the current billionaire professional market (recruiting and social selling), too much money goes to the intermediaries and there is little left for professionals and businesses. Profede is using blockchain to bypass the intermediaries in the professional world and create a direct connection between professionals and businesses. On the Profede Professional Protocol​, professionals control their personal data and get paid each time businesses access it to offer them a uniquely targeted job offer, a commercial offer or a specific business proposal. Profede brings essential value to professionals and businesses by making data valuable and eliminating intermediaries.

With blockchain, professionals will be able to easily move their profiles and data through the networks partaking in this protocol, in a private and safe manner. At the same time, businesses and other professionals will have access to the profiles of the professionals, with a guarantee of their legitimacy and certification ​of their feedback rating, since all the content will be documented.

Inside the Profede Protocol, businesses directly market to professionals and professionals upload their data and can earn PATO tokens in exchange for this data. Inside the Profede Protocol, businesses directly market to professionals and professionals upload their data and can earn PATO tokens in exchange for this data.

The vision of a decentralized professional ecosystem is achieved by the creation of a protocol that stores public professional profiles on Ethereum’s blockchain, along with encrypted contact information which is unlockable only by the owner or an authorized partner.

This protocol uses the strengths of traditional online recruitment, the widespread ability to generate and share user data and the wide reach of the internet, but removes the barriers traditionally present in existing professional marketplaces, such as privacy breaches, unreliable data sources and costly third-party portals and networks. Profede’s solution enables large and small businesses to participate in an open ecosystem. Profede’s innovative decentralized technology is driven by the professional market, which means that businesses can optimize investments in recruitment and social sales with real results. Professionals are incentivized to participate whilst keeping anonymity and data privacy in the hands of each individual party.

Why Should Someone Join Profede?

Profede Professional Protocol will allow businesses to make appropriate payments for a professional’s data regardless of the platform in which that person’s information is located. Intermediaries are eliminated and interactions are facilitated by the network itself. Instead of paying any intermediaries, businesses automatically make customized offers directly to professionals based on their feedback rating and profiles through a decentralized application.

The Profede Professional Protocol allows direct Professional-to-Business and Professional-to-professional interactions, without the need for intermediaries. Decentralization and blockchain are opening doors and empowering professionals, businesses and investors in a number of different ways. With data being worth so much to companies, blockchain could serve as the catalyst that not only protects our information but makes it a valuable asset in the future of data sharing and investments.

One example is ​Earn​. Professionals can use this app to earn digital currency by replying to emails and completing tasks. It’s a unique concept that allows professionals to be compensated in exchange for their data.

Indorse is a decentralized professional network. You can show your skills, get validated by experts and get rewarded. The company brings value to professionals by making data valuable. It’s a Linkedin-like decentralized network.

Dock is a decentralized protocol that lets people connect their profiles, reputations and experiences across the web with privacy and security. In this case professionals do not get rewarded so professionals are out of the benefit equation.

Profede is a unique value proposition. It is not an app like Earn or Indorse, and it is a protocol like Dock, instead ​the professionals are the center of the benefit equation​. It is a protocol that uses blockchain to give power back to professional users. This protocol enables businesses and professionals to create a direct connection. Professionals control their personal data and get paid each time businesses use it to offer them a job, a business proposal or a commercial offer. The protocol will be adopted by thousands of small and medium apps and millions of users. beBee – a professional network of 12 million professional users – will be the first to adopt Profede’s Protocol.

What is The Advantages of Profede?

There are three types of participants in the Profede: ​professionals, businesses, andapps. Below is the advantages of the participants.

Advantages for Professionals

“Professionals” refers to professional users who typically have their professional profiles on Linkedin, as well as other professional social networks and job portals.

  • Professionals will be able to control their own data: They decide who can access their data and which parts of it.
  • Professionals will get compensated in tokens for the disclosure of their data.
  • Professionals set their own price and therefore will feel fairly compensated every time a business gets in touch with them.
  • Professionals have a portable professional profile and feedback rating. They will not need to rely on a centralized platform.

Advantages for Businesses

“Businesses” refers to companies which target professionals for any recruitment, social
selling or business collaboration purposes.

  • Businesses will save money and time. The targeted selection of professionals who are willing to respond facilitates communication, saves money and time for companies.
  • Businesses don’t have to buy expensive service packages. They simply purchase access to data that they are interested in and which they need when they need it, in a simple, accurate, and efficient manner.
  • Businesses are able to see a professionals feedback rating beforehand in order to decide whether or not to make contact.
  • Businesses have community-verified professional profiles to access

Advantages for Apps

“Apps” refers to applications, sites, platforms and verticals that decide to use Profede’s protocol. Among other examples they can be job portals, professional networks, recruitment businesses, headhunters, software vendors and service providers.

  • Apps will have the perfect “engine” to incentivize professionals to join their platforms: the possibility of being compensated in tokens.
  • Apps do not need to start their networks from scratch. They can incorporate all Profede’s professionals and start to offer services to a large amount of users.
  • Apps can develop value added services and business models to fuel and ease the decentralized professional protocol.
  • Apps get an additional income source because they get tokens every time a businesses contacts one of their users

Profede Market Context

In the Profede there are three types of participants: ​professionals who post their public data and receive tokens in exchange of releasing their private data; ​businesses that buy professional’s private and contact data; and ​apps who are third parties that create software to use the protocol. In the most basic form, only the first participant, the professional, is needed. The most common role of a professional is as a provider of information to the network and each professional can develop the tools needed to access Profede’s blockchain. But a professional can also act as a buyer of information; in this case the professional is assumed to be a business. The second participant, the business, comes to the network to search for professionals as potential candidates or to offer positions or as potential new customers. The business can act only as a buyer of information and, each business, can develop the tools needed to access Profede’s blockchain.

The above diagram represents how professionals and businesses can interact in the Profede Professional Protocol without any “intermediaries”. 1) A business pays to contact a professional; 2) The professional authorizes to send the contact data; 3) The business receives the contact data; 4) The professional receives tokens. The third participant, the app, creates software to help both, professionals and businesses, to access Profede’s blockchain. The app provides off-chain search capabilities, data analytics, professionals validation and other value added services. An app always acts as an intermediary and cannot buy or sell information for themself.

The PATO Token

The information added by professionals to the network is very valuable to companies looking for candidates and for professionals with whom to engage in new business opportunities. Professionals who make their private data -including their contact detailsavailable to companies interested in hiring them will be rewarded. Rewards will come in the form of tokens, called Professional Activity TOken (PATO), and it will be both professionals and businesses who have control of this currency. In addition to functioning as a reward system to unblock professionals’ private data, PATOs can be exchanged for other services offered by various organizations using the protocol, such as recruitment services for companies, data analysis services and many others. These PATO tokens will make it easier for the recruiting and social selling markets to shift from being in the main social networks and job portals possession to being in the hands of professionals and businesses themselves.

ICO Details

Token: PATO
Price: 1 PATO = 0.01 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 1500000 USD
Hard cap: 20000000 USD
Country: Estonia
Whitelist/KYC: KYC

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