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Loyakk – The Blockchain-Powered Decentralized Enterprise Relationship Platform


Blockchain technology is more known as the technology behind virtual currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, and so on. However, actually blockchain technology can be widely utilized to advance businesses and companies.

For example, Singapore is utilizing blockchain technology to assist in terms of business activities at the port. This technology can be utilized to shorten the waiting period of the ship or dwell time, also to verify transactions related to export and import. “The company can do smart contract with blockchain technology for export and import”. Blockchain technology can also be utilized by the banking industry as well as financial technology (fintech). With this technology, the two financial industries can easily perform verification and payment transactions.

Some of the key challenges facing businesses today are data security, privacy issues, contract disputes, and limited governance. These challenges lead to the loss of billions of dollars by companies through lost revenue. So Loyakk Vega business solution came up with trying to solve the problem through a platform that operates using Blockchain technology. Loyakk Vega has been developed specifically for business for business interaction in Blockchain, through this platform, there will be valuable data sharing, communication interface and smart contract that will speed up the movement of value.

What is Loyakk ?

Loyakk is a blockchain-enabled platform for enterprise business networks that enables enterprises (or companies) to engage with their network of business partners with greater security, efficiency and governance. With Loyakk, businesses can now combine blockchain with relationship management capabilities to address critical challenges they face in b2b engagement, including data / IP theft, data reconciliation, contract execution and disputes, while ensuring compliance to business rules across the network. This leads to significantly reduced operational friction costs and revenue leaks, while accelerating business revenues.

Loyakk Market Opportunity


Transform Business Network Interactions
Businesses face multiple challenges related to the secure and efficient sharing of data with their business partners. Data leakage, contract disputes and limited visibility across their business networks leads to billions of dollars in revenue loss, and increased costs. 


Transformed Business Network
Loyakk offers a patent-pending business platform that enables secure, permissioned sharing of data & value movement through smart contracts with business rules & security policies – leading to greatly improved security, efficiency & distributed governance.

Loyakk is a addressing a global business problem with a very large target market.

These critical problems faced by companies across the world and across multiple industries can lead to billions of dollars in lost revenue and increased costs. The basis for our platform – built with patent-pending blockchain technology – is our in-house token LYK which protects & tracks critical business data across business networks.


Loyakk Benefits

  • Secures and streamlines Data exchange
    Secures and streamlines information exchange, collaboration and engagement between members of the distributed business network
  • Enables permissioned visibility and access
    Enables permissioned visibility and access to relevant data by network members based on identity, relationship and business contexts
  • Drives Timely and Accurate Movement Of Digital Assets
    Facilitates secure, timely & accurate movement of digital assets & value between participants – based on business rules & policies propagated throughout network
  • Accelerates complex deals
    Accelerates and streamlines complex deals and projects involving multiple parties with smart contracts, and minimizes disputes through better data verifiability & provenance
  • Standardizes All Communication 
    Standardizes all interactions on the network, helps reconcile data from disparate sources and systems around a single, common version of truth that network members agree upon
  • Improves Governance
    Ensures that all data and interactions across the ecosystem can be independently verified by customers, partners, auditors & regulators


Loyakk builds the Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform blockchain-enabled to allow companies to connect, interact and exchange data and value with their various partners and customers within their business network. We will empower the Business Network where data, information, and values ​​are exchanged based on complex business contexts, distributed relationship structures, and legal agreements.

Loyakk customers include global brands such as SAP, Abbott Labs, Novartis, Infosys, and Mphasis. These companies use the current Loyakk Vega platform to manage high value relationships with their customers and partners in a unified, high-touch way, and provide valuable input and insight into the functionality and impact of blockchain technology on a decentralized, distributed business network. This knowledge and requirements are key in defining our vision, strategy and roadmap for the Blockchainenabled Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform.

Loyakk will continue to work with our customers to develop our blockchain platform and solution strategy. Loyakk is run by a blue-chip team with a powerful mix of enterprise DNA software and technical capabilities that include business applications and blockchain. The team has filed Blockchain Patents, working on Hyperledger Fabric and Quorum applications, built the Stock Option Trading System on ETrade, and the High Frequency Trading Platform at CMT and Retirement. Business leadership has led the creation of multi-billion dollar solutions, and organizes global marketing efforts in SAP, Oracle-Siebel & VMware.

The Ligok Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform Application layer includes a set of application modules that allow companies to manage relationships across their business networks. The Vega app uses the Loyakk token to allow secure exchange of data, rules, and values ​​within the business network. The platform utilizes a patent-pending nestedblockchain architecture to validate transactions and move data and values ​​between ecosystem participants based on identity, relationships and business rules.



Token Sale Information

Symbol Token : LYK
PreICO Price : 1 LYK = 0.50 GBP
Price : 1 LYK = 0.50 GBP
Platform : Ethereum
Accepting : BTC, ETH
Minimum investment : 200 LYK
Hard cap : 30,000,000 GBP
Country : UK
Restricted areas : USA

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.


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