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Foresting – New mobile social media service based on blockchain technology.


The cryptocurrency market that we know has a lot of development. now people in the world have started to focus on the use of crypto assets and In the future projected many people have used cryptocurrency. currently various projects with cryptocurrency funding are also starting to bloom, ranging from GAMING & VR, COMMODITIES, INFRASTRUCTURE, DRUGS & HEALTHCARE and many other categories.

As we know that many technological developments bring up the latest technologies which can help more people, one of them is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is also one of the most widely used technology companies to invest their products into one currency with digital access. Therefore, now we have a lot of tokens token in the market. Not only 1 or 2 only, but now it reaches 800 types of tokens spread all over the world.

Initial Coin Offering, aka fundraising with cryptocurrency, creates a new business model of the trend of the traditional digital industry that has grown recently.

ICO is not just for crypto veterans anymore. Token sales are rated faster than traditional fundraising. Plus, they get wider public attention to engage in a project before the official launch, and build new customer loyalty types. Currently, one Blockchain-based project seeks to Introducing the brand new mobile social media service based on blockchain technology.


What is Foresting?

Foresting is a project that introduces a new ecosystem that consists of a FOREST (community members) that work on concepts such as Networking, interacting, and connecting. The ecosystem is used to help users receive compensation for their social media posts.

One of the largest issues with social media is the transparency of data. Users are unable to receive compensation for their content. While some users can gain revenue, only the top 5% of content pages are recognized.

With Foresting, users can use PTON coin to get paid for their content. Foresting’s system is more focused on content creation and focuses on a user voting system. This is better than traffic content valuation and allows them to share information in a decentralized manner.

Foresting is designed for those who are interested in social media platforms. It supports all forms of content videos, text, images, live broadcasting, and creates a social network based on a content-oriented reward service.


Foresting will provide an intuitive blockchain-based social media platform with top class UX/UI and the technology to support a wide range of content, including images and videos.

  • Provide User-Friendly UX/UI
  • Is fully Optimised for all Devices
  • Features Categories for Different Interests
  • Support all forms of content
  • Brings you More Privacy Control




Check out some of the key features and benefits of the FORESTING app which will be available to all of our users.

1.Real-time Trade Function through Embedded Exchange
Provide real-time trading function by embedding major exchanges around the world

2. Master Node-based P2P Transaction
Minimum of 10 coin openings per user (RPC module provided for each coin access)

3. Content Creator Sponsor Feature
Popular content is rewarded with real currency rather than plain likes

4. Open Market Advertising
Shedding the target/retarget ads that are centered around the advertisers and platform operator


  • Content Support: Foresting aims to use blockchain to help users curate their content. With this feature, it gives users the best technology to download or upload multiple content components seamlessly.
  • Simplified Coin Exchange: Foresting plans to allow users to add content value by creating a safe conversion platform to obtain profit in return.
  • User Interface: Foresting’s goal is to create a convenient and comfortable service for their users. This service will become more intuitive instead of a problematic service.
  • Privacy and Security: One main aspect of blockchain technology is its decentralized nature. This feature provides the most privacy and protection for users because there’s not one entity controlling the operation.
  • Device Optimization: Foresting has a diverse ecosystem that integrates into people’s lifestyles. This enables them to influence their content on their devices.


FORESTING Network will be based on PTON Token; an ethereum coin that is built on ERC-20. The majority of the token’s 24-Bn PTON issue will be for sale, while the rest will be distributed throughout the ecosystem.


Token Sale Information

Website: View
Whitepaper: Read
Token Symbol :PTON
PreICO Price 1 ETH = 50,000 PTONs
Price 1 ETH = 33,333 PTONs
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment: 1 ETH
Soft cap: 90,000 EH
Hard cap: 170,000 ETH
Country: Singapore
Whitelist/KYC: KYC


  • PTON’s Coin Incentive: PTON is Foresting’s native token and is used for rewarding people for using the app. It uses the Truffle Framework to automatically handle a series for creating smart contracts from testing to deployment.
  • Voting System: Foresting has a decentralized voting system that engages multiple users in voting and limits malicious behavior. When users were rewarded with PTON CREDIT and PTON token for their contribution.
  • Team Transparency: Foresting is backed by 12 team members who are dedicated to completing the project. Because of this, we can expect that they will complete their project roadmap.
  • MVP: We have not seen a beta or MVP of Foresting’s project. This will make it difficult for investors to get involved with it. Once Foresting creates a realistic product, we might see it gain more traction. They have an expected MVP date around the middle of September 2018 and a beta version in the middle of October 2018.
  • Competition: There is a multitude of ICOs that are solving problems within the social media field. If Foresting can make an innovative project, they’ll receive

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

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