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Dovu – Blockchain for Mobility backed by InMotion


Initial Coin Offering, aka fundraising with cryptocurrency, created a new business model from the traditional to the expanding digital industry trends recently. Forbes reported that ICO collected more than $ 2 billion so far this year. The calculations have not been added to the Kik app that raised nearly $ 100 million this week through the new Ethereum-based Kin token.

ICO is not just for cryptocurrency veterans anymore. Token sales are rated faster than traditional VC fund raising. Plus, they get wider public attention to engage in a project before the official launch, and build new type of customer loyalty. All the money that flows into this digital currency attracts the attention of regulators. China banned ICO while the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States began issuing regulations relating to projects using tokens. Today legally approved business models are popping up all over the world. This will soon lead to the future of ICO where it can be said to be the beginning of something entirely new.

The development of Cryptocurrency demonstrates the popularity of various coins emerging by offering different token facilities. The token offer involves and relates to the development and use of software and experimental technologies that may not fit or achieve the objectives specified in this white paper. Token purchases represent a high risk for any contributors. Tokens do not represent equity, shares, units, royalties or rights to capital, profits or revenues in the network or software or entities that issue tokens or other companies or intellectual property associated with networks or other public or private enterprises, corporations, foundations or entities other in any jurisdiction.

Introducing transport-focused protocols to accelerate the development of mobile-related decentralization (dApps) applications, token tokens drive new business models in the transport sector.

Dovu Ecosystem

The DOVU platform consists of the following components, the DOVU Protocol (details of data exchange and attribution value), DOV token (for in-platform payments) and DOVU API Marketplace (first dApp developed by DOVU). The DOVU protocol is open source and facilitate dApps related mobility development. Based on Ethereal, DOV tokens used for transactions in this dApps

The DOVU API Marketplace changed the global data monetization in the transport sector, simplify access to transport related data and accelerate some integration data points through the API. Token DOV strengthens the quality of focused transport dApps, such as the DOVU API Marketplace. Contributing to the quality of the ecosystem can give you DOV Tokens, e.g. Add APIs, test APIs, or create tutorials. Similar to in-game currency, contributors are rewarded with tokens based on input quality they. It introduces self-reinforcing feedback loops and a continuous companion improve the quality of the ecosystem.


DOVU is well connected in the transport sector. In April 2017, DOVU received funding from InMotion Ventures, investment arm of Jaguar Land Rover, and Creative England, a fund supported by the British Government. Through his network of advisers, DOVU have access to the relevant professional industry network and have a good position
to build lasting customer relationships.


The DOVU Protocol empowers ‘data owners’ (individuals, organizations and even devices IoT – data source) to control access to shared data, temporarily receive the value of the future benefit of the use of such data in return – in the form of DOV Token.

‘Data providers’ (which makes the API for reselling data) can determine Smart Contract to establish the conditions of use and the level of reward willing them to offer to the owner of the data, while the owner of the data still holds control to cancel the contract, change, and revoke the License.

This is a paradigm shift from total acceptance of the traditional requirements and privacy policies, grant permission to large organizations to use and reselling the data without a few, if any, controlling its use, and with little other way or cancellation if abused.

The DOVU protocol, APIs and open source code will allow for leveraging the power of Smart Contracts and Blockchain to control the data at the data owner’s hand. Simply beneficial for them for that, and thus encourage greater data sharing, while automatically rebuking or block if any breach of agreed terms. 

Imagine the ability to be rewarded for sharing your travel data, with total control and insurmountable assurance of the data you want to share, and the types of organizations you are willing to share with, when, how and so on. The DOVU Protocol offers it. This is similar to collecting reward points for your supermarket shopping, but on a much larger scale, with flexible controls and remuneration with a much larger utility – DOV tokens.

Dovu Token

The DOV token is central to our ecosystem. It’s the unit of value that allows us to create this new circular economy linking consumers to data providers (and vice versa) and also rewarding those sharing data.

For our ecosystem to flourish in the transport sector we encourage use of the DOV token within it, ultimately building more value for customers as adoption and utility grows.

The DOV token is the only unit of value used across DOVU platform. Every purchase, sale, exchange or any other transaction on the platform will require the use of DOV tokens.

The number of DOV tokens will be strictly limited. A finite amount of 1.2 billion tokens will be issued, of which 300 million are available for the token sale.

Token Sale

Start time: Oct 3rd 2017 17:00 UTC
End time: Oct 17th 2017 17:00 UTC
Buy now in the current bonus tier: 3218.65 DOV / 1 ETH
Final price: 3,125.00 DOV / 1 ETH
Hard cap: 85,362.00 ETH


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