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The BurstIQ platform gives people the power to access, share and gain value from their data and enables businesses to pursue data-driven partnerships, research collaborations, AI-powered digital solutions, direct marketing to engaged customers, and more.
HIPAA is a law on continuity and accountability for health insurance. Despite all the benefits of this legislative act, real difficulties are created in the field of data exchange between companies and people who are often interested in this and can receive meaningful help.
Limited ownership of information about the state of their own health, however, despite having access to their personal data, such restrictions can not interpret and understand professionally about the true state of affairs.
To address the above issues, the BurstIQ platform was created based on blocking technology and machine intelligence, whose goal is to collect and manage information from different sources with an integrated data warehouse that enables to speed up the information exchange process while maintaining security protection standards such as HIPAA law.BurstIQ or abbreviated “BIQ” is a platform designed to use blockers and sequential machines that allow data from different sources to be combined to create integrated data storage and can be used quickly and easily while adhering to strict HIPAA safety and compliance standards.The BurstIQ platform utilizes blockchain and machine technology to enable data from
different sources to be combined in one integrated data warehouse and to be shared
fast and easy while maintaining HIPAA compliance. However, the platform goes beyond simply the exchange of health information (HIE) or personal health records (PHR). BurstIQ has built an ecosystem where individuals can manage their data in full: they can share it or use it instead for access to the products and services they care about.

A truly universal health data platform must provide end-to-end data rights management, secure data storage, an indisputable chain of detention and advanced security techniques for data. Maintaining individual privacy at all platform levels is essential. The Safe Data Box BurstIQ handles data security, flexibility, and cross-domain specific expansion of user data.

The BurstIQ platform layer leverages blockchain, cloaking data, sharding and encryption services to securely manage objects and data stores. Easy data proof verification for sharing and direct access to data easily provided with platform layer access model security Cloaking Data provides an additional layer of security that divides and encrypts data packets on the node framework. Secure Data Grid uses open source data management tools to ensure that data access is not seamless and operable.

Health Singularity Data
The data about you, what you do, how you feel, where you live, what you eat is the driving force Behind the person-centric health. Corporations want to have it, researchers want to learn it, and Every day, companies find new ways to collect more. Hackers know it’s invaluable in 4 health-related security breaches, creating a multibillion-dollar black market for health
data and remedial burdens of billions of dollars in the economy for healthcare providers. However, we as individuals can not do it, often do not understand it, and can not control who is using it.
Secure Data Grid
Securely managing, protecting, and sharing large and complex data sets can not be done simply by opening the interface to existing legacy systems. Such data warehouse models can not manage complex permissions, secure and easily tracked data transfers, cross-system integration data, and a host of other important functions.
As a result of the development and expansion of the expected platform, it will be possible to conduct health checks based on clients’ genetic data, care and quick access to their personal data.More information visit the site:





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