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Aeron – Blockchain Solutions for AVIATION Safety


Bitcoin is a virtual coin created by Satoshi Nakamoto from Japan in 2009, since then bitcoin has paved the way for other Cryptocurrency creators to this day and continues to grow and become the most talked about topic in the world. The cryptocurrency market we know has many developments. now people in the world have started to focus on the use of crypto assets and in the future projected many people have used cryptocurrency. Currently various projects with cryptococcal funds are also starting to bloom, ranging from GAMING & VR, COMMODITIES, INFRASTRUCTURE, DRUGS & HEALTHCARE and many other categories.

The safety and security factor especially in the aviation world is an important thing that everyone should be aware of, so that unwanted bad things happen. The number of accidents occurring on an aircraft is currently caused by the negligence of the company and the parties involved in checking and managing the flight.

Now that technology is growing rapidly, you do not have to worry anymore because now there is an Aeron platform created specifically for the safety of decentralized flights on blockchain. Aeron is a registered global airline platform that uses a decentralized recording system. Aeron has a solution to aviation log data based on blockchain technology. The Aeron Platform makes a reliable online system, built on blockchain Etherum to track pilot and airplane history.

To that end, the Aeron platform has built an online portal, a small aircraft database and a decentralized small flight database. The system is already supported by smart contracts that contain log data that can perform actions such as hiring aircraft, checking aircraft licenses, and to create cost-sharing agreements between private pilots and passengers combined with user interfaces by involving blockchain and pre-defined protocols to ensure transactions occur in accordance with applicable regulations.

Aeron will work with national aviation authorities and international aviation agencies such as EASA, to promote acceptance of blockchain-based electronic log records, to demonstrate the integrity, reliability and transparency of records. Apps on smartphones will replace globally acceptable obsolete paper records, this can be a point of reference for pilots, aircraft owners, private operators, aviation enthusiasts, the general public interested in aircraft licenses, recreational flights, and pilot schools. Aeron has a solution that will make the flight safer for everyone.

Aeron Platform consists of 3 applications with different functions and uses:

  • Pilot Application
  • Company Application
  • Web Portal

The Aeron platform will launch a cryptocurrency coin called Aeron Token (ARN). ARN is a cryptocurrency coin made using smart contract and blockchain Etherum technology or commonly called the ERC20 Token. Later Aeron Token will be used for the development and marketing of products on the Aeron platform. In addition Aeron Token will also be available in all stock markets for trading with others around the world. In this way it can help the aviation security system become better and can make the ecosystem of cryptocurrency grow rapidly. For initial sale of Aeron Token (ARN) will be executed using fundraising method (ICO) with detail as follows.

Aeron Token Sale

Start ICO: September 19th 2017
End ICO: October 23rd 2017 23:59 UTC
Platform: Ethereum
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Price: 1 ARN = 0.5 USD
Accepting: Bitcoin & Ethreum

Aeron tokens will offer rewards to the holders
100 million (100,000,000) ARN, out of which:

60% sold in the token pre-sale and general sale
20% allocated for network growth to incentivize participation in the ecosystem
18% retained for the development team
2% to cover administrative costs


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