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Currently Bitcoin value is about $ 4,100 / BTC. But the fact is that the value continues to grow from the initial price when new Bitcoin comes up that is not even worth a dollar. That is, those who have had Bitcoin for a long time now are multi-millionaires, not just billionaires!

Let’s look at 9 examples of insane rising Bitcoin values ​​below.

– Founder of Bitcoin Billionaire?
Although his true identity is not even known, the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is believed to have a BTC of $ 4.7 billion, he rode the wave of value from the start.

– MarketCap Worth $ 75.8 Billion
By the end of August, Bitcoin’s market share was $ 75.8 billion, almost touching the value of major shares such as Netflix.

-Shortly Nakowa Beats the House

In 2013 an online gambler named Nakowa won 11,000 BTC in one weekend of the most popular and profitable Bitcoin casino Just Dice. It was worth about $ 1.3 million, but today the same winning value would be worth over $ 40 million!

– 10K pizza
Among Bitcoin, May 22 is known as Bitcoin Pizza Day. Because in 2010 on the same day, two pizzas became the first purchase to use criptocurrency. The purchase price of the two pizzas is 10,000 BTC, which is currently over $ 38 million!

– James Howell Hard Drive
Bitcoin was initially setup with a user wallet connected to their hard drive. There are many horror stories where people throw away their old computers, and forget that they have ever played with BTC. It was experienced by James Howells. He dumped his drives, which contained his 7,500 BTC Bitcoin wallet in early 2009. Desperately he went in search of a garbage dump to find him. Imagine the missing Bitcoin value now!

– The transaction can not be canceled
In a Bitcoin transaction, it is irrevocable or refundable unless the person receiving the Bitcoin is willing to resubmit. In 2016, a Bitcoiner accidentally typed and sent BTC for $ 137,000 instead of $ 5!

– Mining $ 8 Million per Month
One of the first Bitcoin miners was Dave Carlson. The industrial operating scale now earns as much as $ 8 million a month!

 – The IRS is crazy
You know Bitcoin is a valuable asset when the IRS establishes its recognition of the virtual currency. In 2015 only 802 residents are asking BTC-related taxes. Currently virtual currency is treated as a property for U.S. federal tax purposes, which means you only need to propose revenue generated by Bitcoin.


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